Thursday, September 6, 2007

Andrewisms-Updated 9-30-2007

Chad wants me to write down some of the things Andrew has said recently, so we don't forget them.

On the way to the zoo with Mommy:
Andrew-Mommy, we need to go and rescue Daddy.
Mommy-From What?
Andrew-From work!

After a time out at Nana's house for playing in the blinds after many previous warnings.
Daddy-Andrew, why are you in time out?
Andrew-Because Nana doesn't want me to have any fun!

Watching his Daddy eat a popsicle after Andrew was told he couldn't have a popsicle because he didn't finish his dinner.
Andrew-Daddy can I bite it?
Andrew-(stops and thinks a moment) can I smell it?

On the way to the mall we pass the hospital where the boys were born.
Andrew-Can we go the hospital and get lots of Baby Ryans?

Andrew has a Brio Train Tunnel with a cow, pig and horse. We were playing with it one morning after breakfast.
Mommy-Andrew, what do cows make?
Mommy-What do pigs make?
Mommy-That's right! What do you think horses make?
Andrew-Horses make waffles!!!!

At lunch one day:
Mommy-What would you like to drink with your lunch? Juice or milk?
Andrew-(Shutting the refrigerator door)-No milk. No juice. I just want chocolate in my cup!

Andrew has been having a lot of nose bleeds lately. 5 already this week. Those of you who have had a two year old before, can imagine how difficult it is to get one to stay calm, sit still, and allow you to pinch their nose while they choke on the blood and tears until the bleeding stops! (It is impossible)! Yesterday he had his second bloody nose of the day. I was in the bathtub holding him still, pinching his nose, and singing a song to him while he screamed "NO NO NO NO NO NO!" over and over again. Suddenly he became silent. In his sweetest little voice he said, "No, thank you Mommy. No thank you. No thank you. I don't like it. I don't like it. Please Mommy. No thank you." How do you keep inflicting 'pain' on a child who is using his best manners to ask you to leave him alone? I started to cry right along with him and Ryan (who was also hysterical at this point because his big brother was screaming). I let go of Andrew's nose and just said a prayer that it would stop bleeding. It did! I am so grateful. I couldn't have continued!

Aunt Emily is killing a spider.
Emily-(hitting the spider) Die! Die! Die
Andrew-What are you doing?
Emily-Um...I'm just hitting the carpet.
Andrew-I think, I think you might be crazy.

Mommy tells the story of the three bears.
Mommy: And the Baby Bear said "Boo-hoo-hoo! Somebody broke my chair."
Andrew: Stop that Mommy. Daddy says no fake crying. He doesn't like the fake crying.

Andrew pees in the tub during a bubble bath.
Andrew: Look Daddy, I am putting more bubbles in the tub.

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