Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Painting (and carving and scooping)

Mommy put on an apron, so Andrew decided he needed an apron... and a hat.
(Daddy had to have a hat, too).

"Mommy, you are so silly."

Daddy free hands our pumpkin design.

"Andrew, what color do you think the inside of the pumpkin will be?"
"Black." He has seen a lot of a Jack-o-lantern decorations .
He was a little surprised that it was yellowish.

Andrew enjoyed squishing the insides.

Andrew sat still and painted his entire pumpkin white all by himself!

Then he glued pom poms all over it!

S is for Scribner and snow (says Andrew)

Andrew's final creation

Happy Halloween

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Gina said...

Andrew, your pumpkin made it into the Signing Time! Hall of Fame!