Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Picking

Andrew is turning Ryan into a scarecrow by throwing straw on his head.

Ryan doesn't seem to mind too much.

Andrew thinks it is hilarious! (Mommy and Daddy don't).

Andrew found his pumpkin immediately. Then he threw it on the ground.
"That one's Ryan's," he decided.

Ryan investigated each of the pumpkins.

Andrew finds another "pumpkin" he wants to take home.

"Please, Mommy."

"What is that?"

Andrew takes a closer look.

Cool pumpkin house at the Farmer's Market.

Cutest pumpkin

Mommy chooses this pumpkin to take home with her!

Andrew tries to choose which big one he likes the best.

We had planned to get pumpkins at Baa Moo Farm, but our field trip rained out. So we had a fun family outing Saturday night to the Farmer's Market in Colfax. Andrew chose a pumpkin for himself and Ryan. Mommy and Daddy chose one to share. Andrew also decided that the apples looked yummy. While Mommy and Daddy debated on which kind we wanted to try, Andrew made the decision for us. He picked up an apple out of a peck and took a big bite. Yes, we bought those. They were really yummy. We went to play in the pumpkin house and tried to get cute pics of the boys together. Andrew thought throwing the straw on his brother's head was more fun then sitting still for a picture. (It probably was). So he came and helped us make faces at Ryan and we got these cute pictures of our littlest pumpkin.


kruegfam said...

Looks like fun! Wish we could have been there. We miss all the fun.

Gina said...

Very, very cute!