Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cousin Alex!

"There's still one more left."

Alex tries to eat his cake, and then decides he'd rather play.

Alex plays with the shark that Andrew and Ryan gave him.

Andrew shares a snack with his Uncle.

Madylen and Evin "pose" for the camera.

We went to Alex's 3rd Birthday! Andrew had tons of fun playing with his cousins and uncles. Alex had a Beetles/Beatles party to celebrate his two favorite things, the cars and the music. He had a lot of friends there and got lots of presents.

Happy Thanksgiving

Ryan's first Thanksgiving!

Waiting to come inside and eat turkey...

You can't catch me, Uncle Ben!

Tractor Races

Almost time...

Ryan eagerly awaits his share of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Lara prepares the turkey.

Checking the's finally done!

The kids' table

The candid shot of the grown-ups' table

We had a very busy Thanksgiving weekend! We spent the actual holiday in Pinehurst with Chad's family. It was a lovely day. Three of his four siblings and their families were able to be there, as well as his cousin Christy and her family. Lara, Emily, and I cooked our first turkey! The kids played outside and upstairs together. Ryan ate some sweet potatoes as his first Thanksgiving dinner. Andrew felt very grown-up as he sat without Mommy and Daddy at the kids' table. We were able to video conference with Mom and Dad Scribner over the computer for our family Thanksgiving prayer. It was a very sweet experience. We also celebrated Emily's birthday. Lara made a really yummy chocolate raspberry cake for dessert and we all sang a terrible rendition of Happy Birthday. I was there at Thanksgiving, too, but was taking all of the pictures so there aren't any of me on my camera. Make sure to look at the fun video at the very bottom of the blog entry of the kids playing outside.

The rest of the weekend our little family spent back at home with my Mom and sisters. We went to the movies twice. We saw August Rush and Enchanted. Of course we went Black Friday shopping. I actually left Ryan with his daddy for 9 hours while Mom, Rachel and I went shopping!!!! It was the longest we had been apart since his birth 7 and 1/2 months ago. We both did great! (I think I missed him more than he missed me).

We celebrated my Nanie's 87th birthday with lots of family on Saturday. Sunday we went to Alex's 3rd birthday party. (I will also post pictures of that). It was a whirlwind weekend, but tons of fun. We are blessed to have so much family close by. I am grateful for them and the joy that they bring to my life and the love that they show to my sons.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dinos Roar!!

Andrew digs for a piece of the dinosaur skeleton during circle time.
We sang lots of songs, did the Dino-Pokey, and had a Dinosaur Stomp!

Andrew paints his dinosaur orange. He paints everything orange.
(Notice the little tongue hanging out as he concentrates).

Each of the children had "dinosuar eggs" (coffee grounds and plaster of paris) to crack open with hammers.

Andrew enjoyed crumbling the rocks into many pieces. He was so focused on reducing the rock to dust that he did not notice the dinosaur that had fallen out of the dinosaur egg.

Andrew is genuinely surprised to find his purple dino!

"There are dinosaur bones (dog biscuits) hidden in the sand boys and girls."

"I found one!!!"

Here are some fun pictures from our Mommy and Me class this week. There are lots of pictures of Andrew on our Mommy and Me blog ( if any of you want to keep up with all the fun we have had so far this year. I started a Mommy and Me group here in our area last August that meets once a week. We had such a large number of moms who wanted to participate, we had to split into three groups. I get to write all of the lesson plans for the three groups. My group meets at our house each Monday. I love this special time with Andrew and I love having the opportunity to plan lessons again. It is a lot of fun for me! (Yes, you know you are a pretty boring person, when writing curriculum is something you consider fun).

I love you all! I will post pics of Thanksgiving this weekend. Sorry that I don't have any new ones of Ryan yet this week to share. I meant to take some with his cousins who came to visit this weekend and then forgot. (OOPS!!)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crawling Caught!!!

After more than a week long stake out and over 20 attempts to capture Ryan crawling on camera, we finally did it tonight. Most previous attempts were thwarted by a "helpful" big brother who wanted to BRING Ryan the motivational toy instead of allowing him to work for it. (Ryan didn't object). We will spare you the footage of previous attempts and just share this picture of Ryan hamming for the camera instead of crawling for us. (Hey Kruegers, listen to Andrew quote his Aunt Emmy in the background).

Down on the farm

We took a field trip to the farm with our Mommy and Me group this week. Andrew got to bottle feed milk to a baby cow, feed bread to a lamb, and feed corn to chickens. He gathered eggs from a hen house, picked a pumpkin from a patch, met pigs, and watched a cow being milked. We even took a ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor. He had a fun time running all over the farm and Mommy and Ryan had a fun time, too. Keeping up with Andrew didn't leave much time to take pics, but here are a couple we were able to snag.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Aboard the Halloween Express

Train and the Track

"Wow Daddy! You are so cool!"

"Mommy? Do you know who loves me?"
"Who loves you, Andrew?"
"My train loves me so much!"

Our family at the end of the party.

The Tortoise and the Hare

What a cutie!

Daddy's favorite pic

One day this past summer, I started talking to Andrew about Halloween. I was trying to convince him that it would be fun to dress up like The Big Bad Wolf and the 3 pigs (his favorite story at the time). He insisted that he was going to be a train. "A train engineer? I asked. "No. I am a train, Mommy." He has said this since July. I kept showing him pictures of other costumes on line, trying to get him to choose something else. We couldn't figure out how we were going to make Andrew into a train. Then we saw a fire truck costume online made out of a stroller and our creative genius of the family (Chad) created a costume for our determined little train complete with a working light and sound! Andrew loved it and was so proud of his costume. His Daddy went as the track.

Ryan and Mommy were the Tortoise and the Hare. Ryan was the cutest little turtle and has even begun Army crawling this week. He was very patient with his costume and kept it on both nights without complaint.

We had a fun time at the church party Tuesday night with our cousins Alex and Evin. We went trick-or-treating Wednesday at Daddy's work and around our neighborhood. We hope you enjoy these fun pics above and video (Below) of our little guys.

Andrew, always the performer, was out to get his cousin to laugh. Notice how he watches his Daddy and Alex closely for their reaction. What wasn't caught on camera was Andrew's response to Alex's singing and laughter. "Hey Mommy, I made Alex laugh!"