Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dinos Roar!!

Andrew digs for a piece of the dinosaur skeleton during circle time.
We sang lots of songs, did the Dino-Pokey, and had a Dinosaur Stomp!

Andrew paints his dinosaur orange. He paints everything orange.
(Notice the little tongue hanging out as he concentrates).

Each of the children had "dinosuar eggs" (coffee grounds and plaster of paris) to crack open with hammers.

Andrew enjoyed crumbling the rocks into many pieces. He was so focused on reducing the rock to dust that he did not notice the dinosaur that had fallen out of the dinosaur egg.

Andrew is genuinely surprised to find his purple dino!

"There are dinosaur bones (dog biscuits) hidden in the sand boys and girls."

"I found one!!!"

Here are some fun pictures from our Mommy and Me class this week. There are lots of pictures of Andrew on our Mommy and Me blog ( if any of you want to keep up with all the fun we have had so far this year. I started a Mommy and Me group here in our area last August that meets once a week. We had such a large number of moms who wanted to participate, we had to split into three groups. I get to write all of the lesson plans for the three groups. My group meets at our house each Monday. I love this special time with Andrew and I love having the opportunity to plan lessons again. It is a lot of fun for me! (Yes, you know you are a pretty boring person, when writing curriculum is something you consider fun).

I love you all! I will post pics of Thanksgiving this weekend. Sorry that I don't have any new ones of Ryan yet this week to share. I meant to take some with his cousins who came to visit this weekend and then forgot. (OOPS!!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Danielle...Love your blogs! I especially loved the picture of Ryan flying through the air. :) It was great seeing you and the whole family yesterday. The kids haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had.