Sunday, December 9, 2007

Family Photo Frustration...I mean Fun!

I wanted to get some really cute shots of my two darling angels sitting together under the Christmas tree. I simply wanted to make a Christmas card to send to all our loved ones. It wasn't a lot to ask. Surely we could get two active boys to sit still for 2 seconds and smile at the same time. I figured with some time, patience,m&ms, and two hilarious parents (okay one funny Daddy and a Mommy armed with jingle bells) we could make it happen. I was quite optimistic and determined. We did their hair, dressed them up, and pulled out the digital camera one evening after FHE. Those of you who are veteran parents of more than one child, enjoy a laugh at our naivety. Three evenings, two outfits, and several bribes later, we finally got two Chad could photoshop/clone together to work on the card. These are a few that didn't make the cut.


kruegfam said...

You missed the real fun! Any of those pictures would have been great and given everyone who received "THAT" picture a great big Christmas smile! Who wants to see perfect little boys under a Christmas Tree? Let's see the real excitment and fun.

We love them no matter what.

Rebekah said...

I love it! That sounds like us every time we try to get some pics of the kids.

Jamison said...

ooooo...that was me this week. I was in tears, as were my kids, and I thought, separate pictures next year! It took two sessions for us, but whew, what a lot of work...good thing your boys are cute regardless of their pose and expression...:)