Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mr. Krueger's Christmas Eve : Live from Iraq

We were able to have Papa with us on Christmas Eve!

Ryan helps with the retelling of the Christmas story by crawling through the nativity
and eating the sheep!

Andrew helps build the gingerbread home by eating the 'snow.'

Having sampled two of every candy, Andrew left his aunts to finish the house.

The finished house...notice the gingerbread man's head.

The sisters open gifts at our home

Singing Rudolph

Rachel-the movie star

Hooray! Pants!

I like Elmo!

We shared Christmas Eve with Danielle's family and the Sister Missionaries. Andrew decorated a gingerbread house with his Aunts. We had lots of yummy snacks and punch. We sang Christmas carols and retold the Christmas story. Then we opened our gifts from Nana, Emily, and Rachel. Papa Krueger was able to be on Skype the entire time and we were able to see him and have him share in the festivities. We sat the laptop up in the living room. It felt like he was right there with us. We have awesome Sister Missionaries, and having them here added a sweet spirit to our home. Then we put the little ones to bed and waited up for Santa to arrive. (Chad, Nana, and I are actually there too. Remind us next year to make sure we get pictures of ourselves)!

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