Monday, December 31, 2007

Nana's Mall

Nana's mall has a train on various holidays. Andrew rode on it once several months ago. Since then, every time I mention that we are going to the mall he asks, "Is it our mall or Nana's mall? I love Nana's mall it is my favorite. Let's go to that one." So this Saturday, we drove all the way to Fayetteville to ride Nana's train. When we arrived the train was closed because the employee who runs it failed to show up for work. We had one sad little boy (and four angry adults, one annoyed teenager, and one oblivious baby). Eventually it opened up and he rode it four times all by himself (even though he was one inch shorter than the required unaccompanied minor height). While he was riding, Ryan attracted admirers from a nearby store who came out to talk with him. We stayed the evening with the Kruegers and played the Wii and Danielle learned how to play Settlers of Catan. On Sunday we went and spent the day in Pinehurst and ate yummy Swiss chocolate.


Shelley said...

Glad I get to keep track of your too cute family. I can't believe how big the boys are! You are such a cute mom of two! Thanks for sending the blog address.

Wendy Hill said...

Hey Danielle,

Fun to read your blog. We love playing Settlers of Catan! That made me remember our good ole TriBond days. Someday we need to get together and stay up late playing Catan! I can't believe Andrew is already a Sunbeam. How exciting!