Sunday, December 16, 2007

One TRACK Minds (Pun Intended)

"Look! There's a train!"

Here is our feeble attempt to get a picture of all of the guests at the same time!

Mommy and Me friends at the party

Andrew holds on tight to his ticket!

Our big boy is standing up!

Our little train enthusiast had a birthday party this week with his friends. (His real birthday isn't until the 22nd). He invited some of his buddies to go on a Polar Express Train Ride at the Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina. (It is a really cool place). They sang Christmas carols on the train ride and watched other trains pass by out the window. A real conductor came by and punched their tickets. All of the kids wore their pj's. (I bought Andrew his train jammies on eBay from England. He loves them almost as much as I do).

After the train ride, most of the guests went to explore the roundhouse. Except for Andrew. He just wanted to hang out in the gift shop to play with the train table and stand outside by the tracks and watch the trains go by. The whistle was very loud, but Andrew and Ryan didn't seem to mind.

We had a picnic for the birthday party outside next to train tracks. It was 78 degrees! You have to love NC weather! Andrew chose the menu for the party. We had cinnamon muffins, cheese, apples, grapes, Little Einstein fruit snacks, and train shaped tortillas. He gave each of his friends little train toys to take home. The boys went straight to the real train tracks next to the picnic shelter to drive their trains! They were too cute! His friends all have one TRACK minds as well. What is it about little boys and trains?

Speaking of one TRACK minds...Ryan is pulling up and moving around. He also crawls really well, but prefers being vertical. His favorite target...Andrew's train table. I hope none of our trains have lead paint. They are Ryan's favorite teething toys these days. (Much to big brother's dismay). I guess we have another train lover at our house.

On a side note, we have asked Andrew what he would like Santa to bring him for Christmas. Here is what he told us.

Mommy- Andrew, what would you like Santa to bring you.
Andrew-I want a 'choo-choo!' Do you know what makes that sound?
Mommy-Is it a train?
Andrew-Yes. I want a train.
Mommy-What else would you like Santa to bring you?
Andrew-Ummm, I think a whistle for my train.
Mommy-Anything else?
Andrew-Maybe a smokestack?
Mommy-Is there anything you would like besides a train?
Andrew-I think some wheels for the train. Would that be a good idea, I think?

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Wendy Hill said...

Hi Danielle! Cute blog! We just got your photo card today and looked up your blog. It's so fun to see photos of your boys. I bet you're staying super busy--heading up Mommy and Me clubs and all. We liked Chad's entry in the newsletter--eating lactose-free frozen yogurt. Good to hear from you! We'll check your blog again for updates. Merry Christmas!