Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa Came!

Santa's Surprise!

"This is fun, but I am cold!"

Ryan loves his new swing.

Nana shows Papa what she got from Santa

"Thanks, Santa!"

After devouring his Christmas chocolate, Andrew works on opening everyone's tricky gifts.

Ryan found a toothbrush in his stocking.

Daddy plays his new guitars.
(Andrew helps open Daddy's next gift).

With all of the presents opened, Andrew settles down to enjoy his trains.

Andrew was the last one awake on Christmas morning. This is unusual, as he is normally our 6am alarm clock. We waited impatiently for him to get up and the little stinker slept in until after 7am! (A Christmas miracle!) We tried to make a lot of noise, but it didn't work. He just snored away.

When we finally got to go into the living room, we discovered that Santa had visited our home and brought...a train, of course! He also sent the boys on a scavenger hunt outside to find their new swing set! Santa was very good to us this year! Papa was able to be back online with us again and even went with us on our scavenger hunt. Andrew and Ryan were excited about the swing set. (Until they realized that it was cold outside). We headed inside and we opened our gifts from each other. Andrew opened his gifts rather quickly. Then he decided that we all needed help with ours. He would come up to whoever was opening a gift and say "Let me help you. This one is really tricky."

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