Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Gonna Mail Myself to You

Ryan found the box we were preparing to send off to Papa for Valentines' Day in Iraq. We had gathered lots of useful items and some artwork, and one box of candy. The candy was at the bottom of the box. Ryan took out the artwork, letters, and useful items, and chose to take off with the box of candy.

I got it! I don't know what it is, but it is mine!

"Who me?"

"Now how do I get this open?"

Helpful Andrew Feeds Ryan

I was cooking dinner Thursday night, and Andrew asked if he could help me. "Sure," I said, "you can feed Ryan some of the Cheerios. That would be really helpful." (We have worked really hard on telling Andrew his job is to help. See previous post). I walked out of the room to get something and came back in to find that Andrew had decided that Ryan needed to eat the rest of his peas from lunch. Andrew had pulled them out of the refrigerator, gotten out a bowl and spooned some into the bowl for Ryan. Then he handed Ryan the bowl and the spoon! I grabbed my camera and let the fun continue for your enjoyment.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Andrew's Job

I wish I had a cute picture to go with this one, but I have to share our conversation from earlier this week. Most of you know I am overprotective of Andrew when it comes to media. Even I know it, so I am probably far worse than I think I am.

Andrew (in his car seat)-Where are we going today?
Mommy (driving and looking in the rear view mirror)-We are going to the grocery store.
Andrew-Are we going to Aldi? Will Daddy be there?
Mommy-Daddy is at work, he won't be at Aldi with us.
Andrew-What is he doing at his work?
Mommy-His job. Daddy's job is the help people with computers. (Yes I know it isn't technically accurate info, but he's 3).
Andrew-(with a pretend angry voice) My job is to KILL!
Mommy-(concerned, upset, yet a falsely calm voice) What does it mean to kill?
Andrew-Like when you hurt people. You hit them.
Mommy-Andrew, that isn't a nice thing to say. We don't kill.
Andrew-Killing isn't nice?
Mommy-No. (Then Mommy takes a moment to review everyone Andrew has played with the past week. Who could have possibly allowed him to watch a violent cartoon, played with weapons with him or played a violent video game in front of him. Friends, family, babysitters...No one was safe from my suspicion).
Mommy-(Fuming, but using a falsely calm, sweet voice again)-Andrew, who told you about killing? Where did you hear that word? It is not a nice word. We don't say kill in our family.
Andrew-From the SCWIPCHURES! (AKA the scriptures)

Yes, that is right. I had to repent from all of the thoughts I had had about our loved ones and realize that Chad and I alone had taught Andrew about violence by reading to him from the scriptures each night. It isn't one of the promised blessings that they tell you about, but it is just as sure. Now he wants to grow up and be just like all of those famous scripture heroes. (I hope... but perhaps it is the bad guys he is admiring. His favorite story right now is "Joseph in the Hole." "Mommy, please read the one about Joseph's brothers putting him in a hole). Maybe I should go check on him and Ryan....

Monday, January 21, 2008


We had snow fall early Thursday morning. Andrew was so excited to wake up and see the ground white outside. We have some wonderful video footage of his reaction to his first snow fall that Chad is working on editing. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of our outdoor fun. We went out to play at 6:30am, still in jammies. We only had about 4 hours until it melted away, but we crammed lots of fun into that short amount of time. We built a snowman, painted the snow green, raced trucks, threw snowballs, and played chase. There aren't many pics of Ryan because I was carrying him in the sling most of the time.

Chad's 37!

Andrew helped Daddy blow out the candles and open his presents. Andrew said he was worried that they might be too tricky.

Chad and Ben

Rose, Em, Rachel

Ryan rocks out

Chad celebrated his birthday this weekend. He had nine guys over for a game night this weekend, went out to eat a few times, and spent time with family playing games.


Ryan surprised us in the playroom yesterday. He climbed up the slide!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Portrait of a 3 Year Old

Ahhhhh....doesn't he look adorable. Sitting on his favorite train tracks, reading books, having dressed himself. LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING!!!! This moment is not a captured moment of innocence, it is pure defiance!

A friend told me that three is just two year old tantrums perfected. Yesterday we had a very "Three year old day". It started out well. Andrew woke up, fixed his breakfast, got himself dressed in his own chosen outfit complete with Sunday socks worn on his hands as mittens, and we headed out to the grocery store. He walked next to the cart and stayed with us the whole time. He even helped me carry the groceries inside. "What a wonderful child I have." I thought as I patted myself on the back.

Then it was lunch time. He didn't want to eat lunch. He wanted to throw toys at his brother's head. Ryan didn't appreciate this too much, as one might imagine. When he got out of time out, I told Andrew that it was lunch time and then naptime. If he didn't want to eat lunch he needed to go and take his nap. (This usually works). Andrew came up to me and hit me! "No, I am not going to take a nap!" I picked him up and carried him to his room. "Andrew, you are very tired and are not making good choices. I will see you when you wake up from your nap!" Then he kicked me! Then Mommy wasn't quite as nice. Even after my sternest, angry Mommy tirade, he lifted his chin and glared at me. "You better read me a story, Mommy!" I informed him that boys who hit and kick their mommies do not get stories, they get time-outs. "PUT MY PAJAMAS ON ME!" he yelled as he threw said pajamas at me. I walked out the door, telling Andrew that he could not come out until naptime was over. Andrew screamed at me for 45 minutes straight.

Then, silence. "Oh, he is finally asleep," I thought. I quietly crept upstairs, and there sitting in the middle of a huge pile of books he had thrown on the floor was my three year old wearing TWO pairs of the pajamas I wouldn't put on him, reading a book that I wouldn't read to him. "Hi Mommy! Whatcha doing?" he grinned devilishly at me when I opened the door.

Stair Master

Andrew-(entering the kitchen where Mommy is washing dishes) Mommy, Ryan can't climb the stairs.
Mommy-You're right, he is too little. But he will learn how pretty soon.
Andrew-No Mommy, Ryan can't! Come here! (Leads Mommy to the stairs).
Ryan-(on the stairs, huge victory grin on his face)-AhAhAhAhaaaaaa
Mommy-Ohhhh....You're right Andrew, Ryan should not be climbing the stairs.

Here is the video of his first attempt. Not very action-packed, but documents his accomplishment.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ryan walks (with help)

Our little Ry-guy has started to push around his walker, (and boxes, and chairs) to get where he wants to go! Here are a couple of pictures and a short clip of his new talent. Ryan has another new talent. Each time I change his diaper, he reaches down with his left hand and undoes the velcro on his new diaper. Then he laughs at me! It is a race to get pants on him before he can do it again.

Andrew is a Sunbeam!

Andrew went to Sunbeams today! (For those who aren't familiar that is the youngest class in our church's children's Sunday School known as Primary). We talked with him earlier this week to prepare him for the change.

Mommy-Andrew, you are not going to nursery on Sunday, you will get to go to primary and sing songs.


Mommy-Oh, Andrew. You will love primary. Your friends will be there and you get to sing. You love music.

Andrew-No. I don't want to sing. I want to play the piano!

So we took him to primary and promised him a chance to play the piano when all of the other children went home if he was a good listener and sat in his seat.

I picked him up from Sunbeams and asked him about his day. He said it was fun. He also said that he took two pictures outside, a boy hit him in the finger with a fish, and a boy took his car puzzle he was trying to do by himself. I couldn't actually get any info about songs he sang or what the lesson was about.