Sunday, January 6, 2008

Andrew is a Sunbeam!

Andrew went to Sunbeams today! (For those who aren't familiar that is the youngest class in our church's children's Sunday School known as Primary). We talked with him earlier this week to prepare him for the change.

Mommy-Andrew, you are not going to nursery on Sunday, you will get to go to primary and sing songs.


Mommy-Oh, Andrew. You will love primary. Your friends will be there and you get to sing. You love music.

Andrew-No. I don't want to sing. I want to play the piano!

So we took him to primary and promised him a chance to play the piano when all of the other children went home if he was a good listener and sat in his seat.

I picked him up from Sunbeams and asked him about his day. He said it was fun. He also said that he took two pictures outside, a boy hit him in the finger with a fish, and a boy took his car puzzle he was trying to do by himself. I couldn't actually get any info about songs he sang or what the lesson was about.

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