Friday, January 25, 2008

Andrew's Job

I wish I had a cute picture to go with this one, but I have to share our conversation from earlier this week. Most of you know I am overprotective of Andrew when it comes to media. Even I know it, so I am probably far worse than I think I am.

Andrew (in his car seat)-Where are we going today?
Mommy (driving and looking in the rear view mirror)-We are going to the grocery store.
Andrew-Are we going to Aldi? Will Daddy be there?
Mommy-Daddy is at work, he won't be at Aldi with us.
Andrew-What is he doing at his work?
Mommy-His job. Daddy's job is the help people with computers. (Yes I know it isn't technically accurate info, but he's 3).
Andrew-(with a pretend angry voice) My job is to KILL!
Mommy-(concerned, upset, yet a falsely calm voice) What does it mean to kill?
Andrew-Like when you hurt people. You hit them.
Mommy-Andrew, that isn't a nice thing to say. We don't kill.
Andrew-Killing isn't nice?
Mommy-No. (Then Mommy takes a moment to review everyone Andrew has played with the past week. Who could have possibly allowed him to watch a violent cartoon, played with weapons with him or played a violent video game in front of him. Friends, family, babysitters...No one was safe from my suspicion).
Mommy-(Fuming, but using a falsely calm, sweet voice again)-Andrew, who told you about killing? Where did you hear that word? It is not a nice word. We don't say kill in our family.
Andrew-From the SCWIPCHURES! (AKA the scriptures)

Yes, that is right. I had to repent from all of the thoughts I had had about our loved ones and realize that Chad and I alone had taught Andrew about violence by reading to him from the scriptures each night. It isn't one of the promised blessings that they tell you about, but it is just as sure. Now he wants to grow up and be just like all of those famous scripture heroes. (I hope... but perhaps it is the bad guys he is admiring. His favorite story right now is "Joseph in the Hole." "Mommy, please read the one about Joseph's brothers putting him in a hole). Maybe I should go check on him and Ryan....


Shelley said...

Hahahaha! I'm sure Andrew's a little Teancum in training, but funny that his favorite story is Joseph and the hole. Keep up the good work shielding him from the media - I'm with you on that one.

Tiffany said...

That is so funny!

Wendy said...

Hey Danielle--That was way too funny! I loved your narration of the story.