Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ryan walks (with help)

Our little Ry-guy has started to push around his walker, (and boxes, and chairs) to get where he wants to go! Here are a couple of pictures and a short clip of his new talent. Ryan has another new talent. Each time I change his diaper, he reaches down with his left hand and undoes the velcro on his new diaper. Then he laughs at me! It is a race to get pants on him before he can do it again.


Shelley said...

A sunbeam and a little boy walking! You're boys are getting so big! And cute. Tell Bonnie I said hi (I'm assuming she's the sunbeam teacher now...)

Mary said...

Okay, I will let the fun of seeing Ryan walking with his walker outweigh the fact that I didn't get an E-Mail telling me that you had posted a new blog. I just decided to check and found that it was there. We hope Andrew's obsession with the piano becomes as strong as the train obsession and it will lead to great things. Love, Mom