Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

In my daydreaming during the years I longed for children, I imagined days filled with laughter, well-behaved children, and creative and fun activities. Everyday I have glimpses, brief moments of the fulfillment of these longed for days. Some days the glimpse is less than a minute, but most have large portions of the day that are exactly what I hoped for or imagined. But yesterday was perfect. It could not have been a happier or more pleasant day.

I woke up in the morning to find snow on the ground and roses in the kitchen. (Any day that starts with roses promises to be great!) We made muffins together and heart shaped watermelon for breakfast which we washed down with pink milk.

As soon as we were finished, Daddy rushed off to work and we played outside in the snow all morning until our 'toeses and noses' were too cold to handle it any more. (Ryan decided he had had enough fun and enough of his hat about 10 minutes into it . I picked him up and he was fine for another hour).

We came inside and made snow cream and read stories under piles of blankets hiding underneath our slide in the playroom. Andrew let me read to him all of the really sappy stories (like Love You Forever and You Are Special) that he usually shuns in favor of train-themed books or books that have buttons to push. We read books for an entire hour straight snuggled up together.

Then we went back outside together and built a snowman with our friend Esther.

Daddy came home early from work and we enjoyed lunch together and both little boys took naps. While they slept we decorated the living room with streamers and balloons. When they woke up we hurried them out the door (avoiding the living room) and dropped food off at the food bank.

When we arrived back home the boys were really excited to see the decorations and gifts. Andrew received a helmet for his skates. Ryan got a book. Andrew insisted on going outside to try out his gift. Ryan liked Andrew's helmet, too. They had a lot of fun, regardless of the seriousness of the looks of the boys' faces while in the wagon together.

While the guys were outside, I prepared a candlelit dinner of heart-shaped pizzas and sparkling grape juice. We toasted to all those people and things (trains) that we love.

When dinner was done we headed to the living room for a dance. We played and danced together for 45 minutes

We then returned to the kitchen to make chocolate fondue together. Poor Ryan enjoyed fruit, but no chocolate.

We ended the night with stories, hugs, and kisses. When the boys were tucked safely into bed, Mommy and Daddy put in a movie and Daddy promptly fell asleep.


kruegfam said...

It does sound like a perfect day! Wish I could have seen it for myself but then someone else being there might have broken the spell!
You are such a great Mommie!

shelley said...

that does sound perfect... and exhausting! good for you for planning a day full of fun. you're little one will have fond memories of holidays at your house!

Robert & Christy said...

Look at you go. Decorations. Heart shaped cakes. Fondue. I'm just going to live vicariously through you...if you don't mind. What a fun day.