Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playing in Pinehurst

Grandma and Grandpa Scribner were in Pinehurst on Saturday, home from Switzerland for only one day at the same time. So, we loaded up the boys and went down to enjoy a fun time with some of Chad's family. Ryan drove a little car and then had an accident. (There's a little video of the results). Andrew also had his own little accident. After trying out all the vehicles, he headed back to the garage to get a shopping cart. Mommy assumed he meant a little shopping cart and did not follow him into the garage. However as you will see from the video, she was wrong.

Riding in the golf cart with adult supervision.

Andrew learned to ride the big tricycle this weekend.

Ryan enjoys a snack.

Ryan drives a pretend car...for a moment.

Andrew rides a scooter for the first time.

All of the oldest boys and girls took a ride in the bike trailer.

Andrew tries out the bike.

Andrew drives a pretend car

Alex enjoys a victory leap after defeating all the "bad guys" in the woods.

Grandpa and Evin

Aunt Emily and Grandma

Uncle Damion and Madylen

Andrew and Ryan have accidents below. Neither seem very concerned.


Wendy said...

Danielle! I tried e-mailing you xweb address, but I don't think it works--our family is going to Raleigh this weekend and we're going to drive through Winston-Salem on the way home on Tuesday, Feb. 19th. We'd love to have lunch with you guys--maybe during Chad's lunch break we could meet somewhere? Let us know! --Wendy

Janel said...

hey atleast he was wearing his helmet while driving