Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter Basket Treats

Ryan enjoys his Easter surprises

Andrew with his Pre-Eaten CANDY

This is the piece we let him choose

"I have one for each hand...I'm good."

Are there anymore?

I love Easter. I love focusing on our Savior's sacrifice and the miracle of the Resurrection. I am grateful for the atonement in my life and that I can be part of an eternal family. This month we have had several very sweet experiences with Andrew as we have talked about the Garden of Gethsemane and the Resurrection. We have focused our Family Home Evening Lessons and Scripture study on our Savior's Sacrifice for an entire month. I thought I was doing a pretty good job helping him associate Easter with our Savior, Jesus Christ. I think if you asked him, he would even say that Easter was about Jesus. But the problem is that I do not think he realizes that Easter was today. I think all that he will remember about today is CANDY!!!!

We started off the morning with our Easter baskets. I didn't want them to be the big focus of the day, so the only CANDY I included inside was a chocolate CANDY Peter Rabbit, which I didn't let him eat. We ate breakfast and headed off to church where Andrew sang with the primary on the stand for the first time. (BTW...We had told him not to pick his nose while he was up there, and he didn't do it once. We were so proud! He ran down from the stand, "Mommy, I didn't pick my nose!" Only we could hear him, thank goodness). Then he headed for primary. When I picked him up, he greeted me with a very sad expression. "Mommy, my tummy hurts. I ate too much!" "Too much what?" "Too much CANDY!"

After a brief lecture on eating too much candy and a reminder about Peter Rabbit eating too much, we loaded up into our van and headed to Nanie Too-Too's house for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Our friends the Prices came with us too.

I let Andrew eat one piece of CANDY from his basket when we were done hunting eggs. Then he ran off to play with his cousin Austen. (In fact, he was Austen's shadow the entire time). A little while later I discovered an empty basket. Andrew had eaten all of his CANDY! We told him no more. We gave him a lecture again about Peter Rabbit eating too much CANDY. I thought I had finally gotten through to him. Off he ran to the bathroom. He came out, headed straight to one of Too-Too's many CANDY dishes and popped a Hershey CANDY in his mouth. "ANDREW!!!! I SAID NO MORE CANDY!!!" "But Mommy, I went potty!"

We began to pack up and go home. Andrew went to collect his things. He re-entered the kitchen where all of the adults were standing around. His cheeks were bulging. " you have CANDY?" "Yes...I have 5 CANDIES!" (5 Hershey kisses were in his mouth). We picked him up and strapped him in his CANDY free car seat and headed home.

On the way home we stopped by to see Alex and Evin for a few minutes and had a fun time playing there. He ran around and worked off some of the sugar rush. We also got some great pictures in Ben and Jen's beautiful yard.

I know there are way too many pictures of today, but I just couldn't narrow them down anymore.

I know I focused the written portion of this entry on Andrew, but it was Ryan's first Easter. He had fun hunting eggs, eating two bananas by himself, and showing off his cute smile. He is such a sweet little boy.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Play Date

After the Egg Hunt Alex and Evin came to our house to nap and play. naps happened, but we did have a lot of fun playing together! The only thing that would have made the day better would have been for the rest of our cousins to be here too!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park

Ryan is "eating" a lollipop and holding another.

Our ward didn't have its traditional Primary Easter Egg hunt this year, so a friend of ours planned one at a park and invited all of us to attend. There were at least 50 of our closest friends there. (Including Ben, Jen, Alex, and Evin). We had a potluck picnic and hunted for eggs in a wooded area at the park. It was a lot of fun! It was a beautiful day, with temps in the 70s. (Yes, I know the pics of dead leaves make it look like it is the middle of fall).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Splish Splash

Ryan's vocabulary is exploding. He is saying a new word almost everyday. He loves water and every time we get near the sink or bathtub he starts yelling "Bath-Bath." This week I told him we were going upstairs to take a bath. He crawled over to the stairs, up the stairs, and into the bathroom. He pulled himself up to the tub. This is a brief video clip of what happened next. In the background you hear Andrew replying for Ryan "Yes he does." in a deep voice that is supposed to be Ryan.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Painting Easter Eggs

For our Family Home Evening activity Monday night (yes it was also St. Patrick's Day), we painted Easter Eggs. Last year was the first year Andrew was really old enough to experience dying Easter eggs. We always dyed eggs as a family when I was a little girl, and I remembered it being a lot of fun. I was so excited, I had imagined dying eggs with my children for years. I bought two fun kits, covered the table, had my sisters over, and prepared for fun. What I ended up with was a very disappointing experience. My sweet wonderful husband did not share my same vision and enthusiasm. For some reason, he thought that a two year old and permanent dye was a bad combination. (LOL) He wouldn't let Andrew anywhere near the egg coloring. He was on edge and very uncomfortable with the whole process. I was so deflated. He was so stressed.

Well, I decided this year, I would make it a fun experience for everyone. I pulled out our washable paints and let Andrew paint his Easter Eggs and put stickers on them. I still wanted Andrew to see what happened when you mixed eggs with food coloring. So, Chad and I dyed ours. We all had a blast, no one was stressed, and the only one who ended up with dye on them was ME! (When moving the eggs off the table, blue dye spilled all over my feet and stained my feet blue for 3 days). I had to laugh at myself. It was a fun night and I think we have created a new Scribner family tradition.

St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day I told Andrew all about Leprechauns who come to your house while you take a nap and mess things up and leave you surprises. Right after lunch, Andrew ran up to his room, climbed in bed and fell fast asleep. It was the only nap he took all week long! (I am thinking of making everyday St. Patrick's Day).

Just like in the story, those pesky Leprechauns came to our house and made a big mess. Andrew was so excited when he woke up to find our house in disarray and dozens of green shamrocks scattered all over the house. That is until he saw that they had turned his train tracks upside down. He had to have those fixed before he could proceed hunting for the treat they left.

They left a big mess in our kitchen.

This is Andrew's face when he saw the big mess in the kitchen.

He was, however, excited to find a little pot of coins and two green suckers on the kitchen table. The mischief makers even left green Leprechaun dust (green sprinkles) all over our bathroom sink. Andrew saw the green sprinkles and exclaimed, "Oh no Mommy! Those naughty elves ate cookies in our bathroom! I want cookies." Alas, there were no cookies to be had, so he sucked on a green lollipop and helped me clean up the mess so we could get ready for FHE. (Another great motivational tool. I once had a friend who used to tell her kids that it was Family Home Evening night anytime they needed to clean the house. Then she would tell a story and sing a song when they were done).

Do any of you have any neat "tricks" you use to help motivate your kids to clean or take naps?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Early Easter

Choochie and his Choo-Choo train

"I found a Ba-Ba!"

Nana got Andrew a bubble wand which he insisted was a baseball bat.

Playing Bunny Badminton

Cousin Mackenzie helps us hunt

John finds his first Easter Egg

Nana, Emily, and Rachel were going to be in Utah for the real Easter festivities, so we celebrated a week early with them at Nanie Too-Too's home. Nana gave Andrew a train basket and Ryan a froggy basket. Each basket was filled with fun presents. Cousin John and Cousin Mackenzie joined us for an egg hunt. Ryan found his very first Easter Eggs. He kept calling them "ba-ba" (balls) and signing ball at the same time. He actually figured out that he was supposed to place them in his frog basket and really enjoyed taking them out and replacing the same four eggs over and over again.

Another Blast from the Past

A few weeks ago our friends, the Hills visited us. This week our friend Kyle Oswald came and spent the night. He is one of the three original XebWeb-bers. We stayed up until 3 in the morning catching up. Then we had breakfast with the the Westbrooks early the next morning and hung out until lunch. It was a lot of fun and felt like old times. The only bad part was that Amy wasn't here. We sure missed her! I think a road trip to DC is in our very near future.

Andrew Cleans Up

We try to clean up the playroom each night before bedtime. It is a pretty regular routine, but it usually requires some adult assistance. We sent Andrew in to start while we cleaned up the kitchen on Thursday night. When we walked into the playroom, the floor was spotless. Andrew was beaming ear to ear!

Andrew-Daddy, I did it! I cleaned up the floor all by myself! Look it is all clean!
Daddy-Wow! (Honestly surprised by this miracle)! That is great! Did you do it all by yourself?
Andrew-(Still beaming in pride, hopping up and down) Yes...I did! I put it all under the table so you can't see it anymore.

Yes, here it is. Balls, cars, trains, and....a pair of underwear!

Andrew's Problem

Andrew woke up awfully early Friday morning. The sun had not come up yet and Ryan still was not awake. It was pre-six-o-clock. Chad pulled him up into our bed in between us and we all tried to fall back asleep. Or at least Mommy and Daddy tried. Andrew started to kick Chad in the back repeatedly. In a very firm but surprisingly calm voice (remember it's pre-dawn), Chad instructed Andrew to stop kicking him.

Daddy:Andrew, could you please stop kicking me?
Andrew: well....Daddy?
Daddy: Hmmm....
Andrew: See my feet?
Daddy:I feel them.
Andrew: See my feet, well dat's my problem.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ryan's First Haircut

Ryan had his first haircut this week. He was just a little shy of his 11 month birthday! Daddy had decided that Ryan's old man hair had to go. It was hanging over the back of his collar. Ryan was his typical little mellow self and enjoyed every minute of it. Mommy saved the little curls. Enjoy the video of the excitement! When did your kids have their first haircuts?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Little Bit of Rhythm

Our Ward had a Sock Hop last Friday night. Our entire family had a great time, but Andrew really enjoyed himself. He danced the whole night with his friend Rebekah. Here are just a few moments of their fun together. ( FYI: Andrew recognized the song was about a train and is blowing a whistle).

The Hills

The Hills visited us last week and we met for lunch at La Carretta. The visit was too short, but wonderful. Our kids had a good time together and Andrew keeps asking when Alex and his sisters are going to come back and play with him and when the Hill's baby is going to come back and play with Ryan.

When Chad and I were first married, we moved to Winston-Salem and began our life together. Wendy and Justin Hill were married the same summer and also moved to Winston-Salem. They were our very best friends. We did everything together. (They are much cooler than us, but allowed us to tag along on all their fun adventures). We spent almost every holiday together, especially the really important ones like Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick's Day. We made up holidays. We found any excuse we could to throw a party. We even crashed Justin's Business School parties with them. (Which BTW, helped Chad decide to get his MBA from Wake as well). Then sadly Justin graduated and got a job and moved away. We don't get to see them nearly often enough.

Ryan Signs!

Ryan learned to sign last week. His first sign was "more." He is very pleased with the power that this one little sign gives him. He looks down, notices his tray is empty, puts his fingertips together, and grins from ear to ear when we give him "more" food! He later signed "milk" this week as well. He does not grin when he signs milk. He throws his entire body backwards into his favorite nursing position, begins to whimper, and waves his fists in the air opening and closing his hands to sign "milk." Anyone unfamiliar with sign language would think he was throwing a tantrum, but the fist thing just began this week and he will copy me when he isn't hungry. I am hoping to get him to just sign milk without the dramatics soon when he wants to nurse.