Sunday, March 16, 2008

Early Easter

Choochie and his Choo-Choo train

"I found a Ba-Ba!"

Nana got Andrew a bubble wand which he insisted was a baseball bat.

Playing Bunny Badminton

Cousin Mackenzie helps us hunt

John finds his first Easter Egg

Nana, Emily, and Rachel were going to be in Utah for the real Easter festivities, so we celebrated a week early with them at Nanie Too-Too's home. Nana gave Andrew a train basket and Ryan a froggy basket. Each basket was filled with fun presents. Cousin John and Cousin Mackenzie joined us for an egg hunt. Ryan found his very first Easter Eggs. He kept calling them "ba-ba" (balls) and signing ball at the same time. He actually figured out that he was supposed to place them in his frog basket and really enjoyed taking them out and replacing the same four eggs over and over again.

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