Monday, March 17, 2008

Painting Easter Eggs

For our Family Home Evening activity Monday night (yes it was also St. Patrick's Day), we painted Easter Eggs. Last year was the first year Andrew was really old enough to experience dying Easter eggs. We always dyed eggs as a family when I was a little girl, and I remembered it being a lot of fun. I was so excited, I had imagined dying eggs with my children for years. I bought two fun kits, covered the table, had my sisters over, and prepared for fun. What I ended up with was a very disappointing experience. My sweet wonderful husband did not share my same vision and enthusiasm. For some reason, he thought that a two year old and permanent dye was a bad combination. (LOL) He wouldn't let Andrew anywhere near the egg coloring. He was on edge and very uncomfortable with the whole process. I was so deflated. He was so stressed.

Well, I decided this year, I would make it a fun experience for everyone. I pulled out our washable paints and let Andrew paint his Easter Eggs and put stickers on them. I still wanted Andrew to see what happened when you mixed eggs with food coloring. So, Chad and I dyed ours. We all had a blast, no one was stressed, and the only one who ended up with dye on them was ME! (When moving the eggs off the table, blue dye spilled all over my feet and stained my feet blue for 3 days). I had to laugh at myself. It was a fun night and I think we have created a new Scribner family tradition.

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