Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day I told Andrew all about Leprechauns who come to your house while you take a nap and mess things up and leave you surprises. Right after lunch, Andrew ran up to his room, climbed in bed and fell fast asleep. It was the only nap he took all week long! (I am thinking of making everyday St. Patrick's Day).

Just like in the story, those pesky Leprechauns came to our house and made a big mess. Andrew was so excited when he woke up to find our house in disarray and dozens of green shamrocks scattered all over the house. That is until he saw that they had turned his train tracks upside down. He had to have those fixed before he could proceed hunting for the treat they left.

They left a big mess in our kitchen.

This is Andrew's face when he saw the big mess in the kitchen.

He was, however, excited to find a little pot of coins and two green suckers on the kitchen table. The mischief makers even left green Leprechaun dust (green sprinkles) all over our bathroom sink. Andrew saw the green sprinkles and exclaimed, "Oh no Mommy! Those naughty elves ate cookies in our bathroom! I want cookies." Alas, there were no cookies to be had, so he sucked on a green lollipop and helped me clean up the mess so we could get ready for FHE. (Another great motivational tool. I once had a friend who used to tell her kids that it was Family Home Evening night anytime they needed to clean the house. Then she would tell a story and sing a song when they were done).

Do any of you have any neat "tricks" you use to help motivate your kids to clean or take naps?

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