Friday, April 11, 2008

Andrew's First Swim Lesson

I like to say that everything Andrew does, he does enthusiastically. He plays, dances, sings, hugs, and even sleeps with great energy. He is a happy little guy (if not a terribly calm one). Well his first swim lesson was no different. He is the youngest in his class, but the most fearless. He jumped right in the pool (surprisingly waiting until the teacher asked him) and blew bubbles and stuck his face right in the water. He kicked his legs and splashed and made bigger waves then any of the other children when they played "Red Light, Green Light." This would have been fantastic, except the other three children in his group were afraid of the water and didn't want to get wet. (Andrew didn't splash them on purpose, but he kicked his legs really hard like he was told to and probably made the experience unpleasant for the poor things). The swim teacher said he did really well and that she wanted Andrew to splash big, but I do not think the other three kids or their parents appreciated Andrew's 'enthusiasm.' Oh well, I don't think we have to worry about being invited over for any play dates with these kids. (LOL)

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Katie said...

Go Andrew! I can't believe he is swimming already! I love to swim and it sounds like he is learning to love it too. Tell him that his Sunbeam teacher is very proud of him. :)