Friday, April 11, 2008

Elephants, Baboons, and Buses

Grandma Mary won't be in the country for Ryan's first birthday party, so she went with us to the zoo this week for an early celebration. Aunt Emily, Masen, and Madylen joined us as well. Ryan really liked the baboons and opening presents. Andrew and Masen discovered some really fun rocks to climb. Then Andrew decided that jumping off of them would be really fun.It was really fun until he fell and slit his finger and bruised his bum. It is still sore a few days later. When we were leaving, I asked Andrew what his favorite thing at the zoo. "I like riding the bus," he replied. Not the baboons, not the lions, not the fun playground at the zoo, but the bus. "Why did you like the bus?" I inquired. "Well, when we were on the bus, we saw the train that they use in the summertime." Of course! I asked him which animal was his favorite, then he replied the elephants. Poor elephants, how can they possibly compete with seeing a zoo tram outside the window of a bus.

It's all fun until someone gets hurt.

These guys are funny, Mommy.

"Thanks, what do I do with it?"

Don't worry Ryan, we'll help you.

Grandma reads Ryan his gift.

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Cortney said...

Fun Fun! We love the zoo!