Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana

We were at Fort Bragg last weekend, celebrating my Mom's birthday, which is why I didn't post like I usually do on Sundays. I want to dedicate this blog to her tonight! Please indulge me as I step away from my normal blogging about the boys and let me tell you that I have an amazing Mom! The rest of this post is just a lot of bragging about her.
She is such an inspiration to me! I hope that I can be as wonderful to my children as she has been to me. She has been an example of strength to me. She is consistent and trustworthy. I can honestly say that in my 32 years, my mother has never broken a promise to me. I have tried to remember a time, and I can't. She always keeps her word. She taught me to pray when I was a little girl. We prayed that we would be an eternal family someday. She taught me to believe in Heavenly Father's promises, even when they weren't evident at the time. Because I could trust in her, I believed in His power to keep his promises. Having watched her pray and have faith during her trials has helped me during the difficult trials in my life.
My mom is also the hardest worker I know. She is always the best at whatever calling she holds (I am not being biased, ask anyone who has been blessed to serve with her or to sit in one of her classes). She doesn't leave an event until all the work is done. She taught me that this is a gospel of service and that we come to serve not to be waited upon. (That meant we stayed and helped put up all the chairs and worked in the kitchen even if we weren't on the committee). :) She is also a rule follower. She abides by the teachings in the handbook and does not waiver. She clings to the iron rod. She taught me to be obedient to the prophet's teachings.
Yet at the same time, she somehow gave me the freedom to choose. I am not sure how she struck that delicate balance, but she did. (I don't have that parenting technique down yet). Mom allowed me to choose my own path, she allowed me to make my own choices. She would encourage me to pray, she would ask me what the teachings of the prophets had to say about the matter, but she didn't tell me what to do. (Even when I REALLY wanted her to).
I watch her now, as she faces her own challenges and still receive strength from her example. Her husband is in Iraq, and she is serving as the Relief Society President in a military ward where over half of the sisters' husbands are also in Iraq. This is a very special ward with very unique needs. She serves wholeheartedly, despite her own heartache and needs. She has two teenagers at home who are going through their own growth opportunities and she finds time to help them and comfort them. I called tonight and she was taking time to read two books of the Old Testament with my sisters to help them reach their goal of completion before the school year is over.
She is a wonderful Nana to my two boys. She thinks of them constantly and is always getting them fun gifts for no special occassion or sending them cards or patiently talking with them on the phone. (Which is a big deal since they are 3 and 1). She goes out of her way to make my husband feel loved and part of our family. She is the matriarch of our family in every sense of the word.
I love you the mostest, Mommy! Almost as much as you love me!


Rose said...

Thank you for your very sweet comments and for looking pass all my many faults. I am not sure you are talking about me, perhaps you have another Mom lurking out there somewhere, I think I would like to meet her.You may have a "Camelot Memory" going on there and may need to get help for it! You are actually a much better Mom after 3 years than I am after 32+. I love you more than you know! And the most!

LACulotta said...

You are the GREATEST!