Sunday, April 6, 2008

Recessive Genes

If one were to think of adjectives to describe Chad and me , athletic would not be among the top 10. (In my case it would not be among the top 100). If a sport contains a ball or requires hand eye coordination, I avoid it. Maybe it is because I got hit in the head with a softball as a little girl. Maybe its because I am really, really bad at sports. Chad played some sports as a kid, but his flat feet pretty much put an end to his high school athletic aspirations (or would have had there actually been any). He works out every day, just doesn't play competetive sports. When I was looking for an eternal companion "Guy who won't spend all weekend watching sports on tv" was an actual top ten requirement I wrote on my list that you make in Young Women's. It was right under "good kisser." My friends said he didn't exist. I proved them all wrong. (Side note...Chad meets 9 of the top ten requirements I set as a standard as a 16 year old girl. The only thing he lacks is ability to speak French). LOL
In 11 years of marriage we have been to one professional hockey game, one Wake Forest Basketball game, and two local Warthogs baseball games. We have never watched the Superbowl or an ACC basketball game together. (I am from NC, so I have actually participated in March Madness without Chad a couple of times). We have never even taken Andrew to a sporting event! (I know what bad parents). I have tried to introduce him to sports. We play with balls, I bought him a t-ball set, we play catch. He loves Wii sports! He will play if I ask him to, but he never asks to play sports.
The reason I am sharing all of this is because Ryan does not seem to be following in our footsteps. Ryan loves balls! Ryan especially loves basketball. He can only say six words and ball is one of them. He only signs 3 words and ball is one of them. He delights in the sight of a ball. He screeches and waves his arms in the air when he sees a basketball hoop. He jumps out of my arms when we enter the gym at church. He will help dribble a ball (even though he can't walk) and will put it into a basket. He will push your hands off of the ball if you try to help him. He will roll a ball and chase it across the floor.
It must be some recessive genes coming out. His Grandpa Bud played high school baseball. He is still on a softball league and has played lots of sports his entire life. His Grandpa Scribner also played sports. Hopefully he will get their height as well. They are both over 6 feet tall. I guess what that means for Chad and I are lots of weekends at sporting events. I have the mini van and two boys, so I guess there was never really a question that I would someday become a soccer mom.


Rose said...

Very cute! Those of us in the family who do not have sports abilities are happy that someone did and I am sure Ryan will appreciate those genes!

Justin said...

Chad's a 90% match, huh? A- isn't bad.