Friday, April 11, 2008

Ryan is One!

Ryan enjoyed his first piece of cake.

And his first bite of ice cream.

More cake fun!

"Do you know I am eating cake?"

The before picture:
Ryan's first birthday cake...Mommy's first character cake on her own.

Ryan loves his birthday present.

Chad took the day off from work and we celebrated Ryan all day long! In the morning we opened presents. Ryan got a rocket and bubble blower from Mommy and Daddy and Andrew. We went to the park to play and for a picnic in the morning. He had a lot of fun playing ball and riding on his rocket at the park. After naps we had Ryan's pictures taken at a picture studio and then we went out to dinner. Our last stop was at Cold Stone for Ryan's first taste of ice cream. He loved it, of course! We ended the birthday at home with a cake I made. I made a pumpkin cake in a 3 D pan in the shape of a duck. It was really yummy, and really moist, a little too moist I guess. When I took it out of the pan, it split into two pieces, making it impossible to stand up. So I decorated it on its side. We sang "Happy Birthday" and then gave Ryan the beak. He had great fun with the cake and kept looking at us with this little sneaky grin, like he was getting away with something.

The rest of the post is just me writing about how much I adore my little Ry-guy. Feel free to skip! It is sappy so you are forewarned.

My little darling turned one year old today. It has gone by way too quickly. I felt like with my first child, I was able to savor every moment and that I had all the time in the world. It is different with Ryan. I feel like there is never enough time to just sit and stare at him, to ponder about his past and future. I secretly get excited when he wakes up from his afternoon naps early so that there is time for just the two of us. (I get this alone time with Andrew everyday when Ryan takes his morning nap). Ryan is such a joy to have in our home. He is happy and sweet and giggly. He can say Mommy, Daddy, Hi, Ball, Cracker, and Bath. He isn't walking yet, but climbs the stairs and comes down them with ease. He can roll a ball and score a basket. He signs dog, more, milk, ball, and want. He has one little tooth that has broken through. His favorite foods seem to be crackers, cheese, and grapes. (sliced and peeled of course). His favorite toys are balls and cars and the bath tub.. He is perfectly average in his height and wears size 12 month clothing on his 1 year birthday. He is a great napper and has recently started sleeping through the night without nursing! HOORAY! He is very flexible and plays well by himself. He can climb up the ladder of the slide and turn around backwards and slide down the slide all by himself. But in case someone thinks he is perfect, I will add his only two faults that I can think of. He does like to rip pages in books and much to Andrew's dismay utterly destroy train tracks.

Ryan has added so much to our family and we are blessed that Heavenly Father chose us to be his family. He was worth the wait!


Rebekah said...

Great job on the cake! Happy birthday Ryan!

Justin said...

Happy Birthday. My 2nd year was one of my favorites.

Robert & Christy said...

Ryan's cake was super cute...I'm a little late but, "Happy b-day Ryan!"

Wendy said...

Carrot cake--yum! I think we snuck Benjamin his 1st bite of ice cream at birth. Maybe he'll end up lacto-intolerant like Chad. Happy Birthday to Ryan! What a fun day for the family.

Cortney said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!! Great job on the cake (I've yet to attempt one!)