Sunday, April 20, 2008

When I'm 33...

Andrew has a new favorite scripture story. He loves the story of the Savior calming the storm. (For those of you who are frequent bloggingwithboys readers, you may remember that the story of Joseph's brothers putting him in the hole held the previous title). We read it every night before bed and before naps. He knows what page it is on in the scripture story book, page 56. He has learned to find it on his own. Tonight I pulled out the hymnal and sang "Master the Tempest is Raging." He loved the chorus. We sang it until my voice was hoarse. After I told him I couldn't sing anymore, the following conversation occurred.

Andrew-Jesus stopped with big 'Snorm'!
Mommy-That's right Andrew. He did. The winds and the waves listened to Him.
Andrew-I can't make the 'Snorm' stop. I'm too little.
Mommy-I can't either, but Jesus can. He loves us very much. He will help us if we ask him to help us.
Andrew-When I am 33 and I am a Jesus, I will stop the big "Snorms."
Andrew-Yes, when you are 33 and a Jesus, you can stop them too! Then we will both be big together.

(As a mom, which piece of false doctrine do you address first?)

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Robert & Christy said...

Shoot...I'm 33 and I have yet to stop my kids from tearing up the house, let alone a big snorm! So cute. I love the wild child hair and the fun duck party you threw. Especially the makes me think I should have a duck party just to eat the cute cake. YUM.