Saturday, May 17, 2008

5 Would Be Too Many

We had two really fun birthday parties to attend today. On the way to the first, Andrew told me that two birthday parties are a lot of fun, but that 5 would be too many and would give him a tummy ache. From the looks of his face after his third piece of cake in one day, I would have to agree that 5 would be 3 too many.

The first party was a bicycle rodeo. Andrew had a blast riding his trike all over the church parking lot and making this cool bike plate. However, the highlight for him was the bicycle horn that his friend gave him as a party favor. He has enjoyed it indoors as much as we can stand and it has now joined the ranks of outside only toys.

The second party was a barnyard themed party. Andrew had told me he was not wearing a farmer's hat, he was going to wear his fireman uniform. When he saw Ryan wearing his hat, he changed his mind and brought his own farmer hat, but didn't ever actually wear it. We had a great time at this party too. We finger painted pigs with chocolate pudding, played pin the tail on the horse, duck, duck goose, and a pig corralling game.

The object of this game was for the children to use their stick horses to corral the pigs (pink balloons). Well, at the beginning most of the children did this fairly well. However, one of the balloons accidentally popped, and you can only guess what happened from there. Andrew thought the object of the game was for his horse to eat the pigs (pop the balloons) and to gobble down everyone of those little piggies that he could catch. We weren't able to get him in action, but the aftermath is also pretty funny. He is our little comedian.