Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dan Nicholas Park

We went to Dan Nicholas Park for our Mommy and Me end of year field trip. That is the coolest park I have ever been to with Andrew. They have a train, a carousel, petting zoo, aquarium, natural science museum with an aquarium, and mini golf. They have fishing, pedal boats, biking, and gem mining. Lots of places to picnic. There's a campground, and a huge playground that is sectioned off into large areas for different aged children. A large portion of it is accessible for children of all abilities. Everything is close together so you don't have to walk too far, but there are walking trails if you wish to walk far. We had a really fun day! Andrew wants to go back and bring Daddy really soon! (I will post some more of our pics of all our friends on the Mommy and Me blog).

In a shocking turn of events, Andrew's favorite activity of the day was...the train ride.
We went on it twice.

Both the boys enjoyed the carousel.

Ryan's favorite was the petting zoo. He kept saying hi to all the animals and touched each one he could reach. The donkey nibbled on his fingers and Ryan was thrilled!

Fun in the water garden.

I took the two boys by myself on the pedal boats. It was an adventure. Andrew steered the boat and I pedaled. Ryan sat on my lap and endured to the end. Even the ducks were not enough consolation for his discomfort in that yucky old life jacket. But he didn't cry. (Nor did he smile).

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