Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy X th Birthday Grandmother Stone!

We went to my Grandmother's birthday celebration this weekend. My aunt had made a beautiful layered cake and had written my grandmother's age on the cake. My grandmother took one look at the cake, stuck her thumb right in the cake, and smeared the writing, so you couldn't see her age. So, to respect her wishes, I won't share her age on my blog either.

There was a ton of food at the party, guitar and piano playing of some great old country gospel music, and a playground outside. Andrew and Ryan played outside with their Daddy and had a blast while Mommy talked to the grown-ups and enjoyed the music. Everyone was right where they wanted to be and we all enjoyed ourselves.

I'm gonna catch you, you better run!

I caught you!

Life couldn't get better. I am playing catch and swinging at the same time.

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