Saturday, May 10, 2008

Picking in Pinnacle

We found a great new spot to go Strawberry Picking in Pinnacle. Just take the Pinnacle exit off of 52, turn left, and follow the signs. You can see Pilot Mountain as you pick. It was beautiful. Andrew and I headed up just the two of us Saturday morning for a Mommy-Son Date. He picked 2 1/2 gallons all by himself. We had some fun conversations on the way there, while we were there, and on the way home. I thought I would share the cute comments and the fun pics.

On the way there:
Mommy-Andrew, what color of strawberries do we put in our bucket?
Andrew-I want to pick the brown ones.
Mommy-Let's not. Those will be smushy and taste yucky.
Andrew-How about the yellow ones?
Mommy-Those are hard and not ready to eat yet. We only want to pick the ones that are red with no green, yellow or brown.
Andrew-(Quiet for a moment) Well Mommy...see my teeth. They are really hard and they can chomp hard yellow ones.

While we were there:
Andrew: Whoa! Look there's dirt underneath these strawberry bushes.
Mommy: Yes, strawberry plants grow in dirt. Just like our seeds at home.
A few minutes later...
Mommy: Watch out, it is really muddy here.
Andrew: Pigs like mud. (Lady in the next aisle laughs quietly)
Mommy: Yes they do. I want you to be careful not to fall.
Andrew: Pigs like to poop in the mud. You watch out for the poop, Mommy! (Eavesdropping lady laughs loudly as I assume she imagines the farmer allowing pigs loose to poop in his strawberry patch).

On the way home:
Mommy: Wave good-bye to the mountain Andrew. We are heading home to Daddy and Ryan.
Andrew: Bye-Bye Mountain.
(We drive for a few minutes, singing to a kids' CD he likes)
Andrew: (mid-song) Hey Mommy! Where are the rest of the mountains?
Mommy: What do you mean? There's just one mountain. Pilot mountain.
Andrew: No. I saw 5 of the mountains. Where are the rest?

Andrew thought that as we drove towards the mountain that each time we went around a curve and it appeared again that it was a new mountain. He couldn't figure out why we were not passing the other 4 on the way home. I love seeing the world through his fresh eyes and insights.


Cortney said...

What a fun mother-son date! I need to take my littles out for strawberry picking.

Kim Shelton said...

You were very close to Scott's parents' house, according to your description of the exit and view of Pilot Mountain. We'll have to see each other sometime when Scott, Alex, and I are in the area.