Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Snakes and Snails and Caterpillar Tales

What is it about little boys and creepy crawlies? We were working in our garden this week when we found a caterpillar. Andrew wanted to catch him in his bug catcher, but first he let him crawl around on Mt. Andrew. The caterpillar was a very fast little guy (or girl...how do you tell?) and climbed off Andrew's lap onto the ground. Ryan crawled up and spotted him. He chased him down saying and signing "dog, dog" the whole time. (Ryan thinks all animals are dogs). He finally caught up with him, which was surprising because, like I mentioned, this little caterpillar was speedy. He reached down to pick up the "dog" as I reached down to pick up Ryan, squashing his dreams (which I thought was a better idea then letting him squash the caterpillar). He cried and cried. He finally calmed down when Andrew placed the caterpillar in the bug catcher and Ryan could hold the bug catcher. Andrew had created a nice little habitat in there, complete with bark and leaves and grass. The caterpillar climbed to the top of the bug catcher clinging to the mesh. Now it was Andrew's turn to be offended. "Mommy, he is not eating the nice leaves I got for him. Make him get down and eat!"

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