Sunday, June 22, 2008

54 Ways to Have Fun At Myrtle Beach by Andrew

Hi! I am Andrew! My family just got back from a trip to Myrtle Beach! I learned a lot about how to have fun at the beach, and I thought I would pass along these cool tips with you.

This is our family van packed to the brim. You have to make sure that you bring lots of fun things and yummy food with you.

This is me and my brother ready to go on our 5 hour drive.

#1-Pack lots of fun music and dvds to make the car ride fun.

#2-Rent a really cute beach cottage one block from the beach.

#3-Throw on your swimsuit as soon as you get there and go Look for seashells.

#4-Hangout in the shallow part of the water, if you didn't change like I did.

#5-Learn how to look for crabs with your net from Aunt Rachel


#7-Meet all of the dogs on the beach. (We couldn't pass a single dog the whole week without Ryan stopping to say hi!)

#8-Take a sunset walk with your Aunts and your net.

#9-Take a sunset walk with someone you love.

#10-Keep Searching for crabs with your favorite net

#11-Run to some more doggies

#12- Stay up all night playing Karaoke Revolution (or Scrabble or Spoons or Apples to Apples or Wii Sports)

#13-Wake up and take an early morning walk with Nana in the water.

#14-Go to Broadway on the Beach and Feed fish and ducks

#15-Go to Build A Bear. This is my new cat. His name is Licorice.

#16-Let your brother join in the fun. This is Ryan's elephant, Stampy. (Daddy named him).

#17-Go to Hard Rock Cafe

#18-Play with the Hard Rock Harley

#19-Eat lunch there with your family.

#20-Share your french fries.

#21-Ride motorcycles

#22-Get your Daddy sick on the teacups

#23-Take a ride inside a giant caterpillar that wraps itself in a cocoon while it spins backwards. It was the best ride! I loved it! Play there until you are completely exhausted. Skip naps and then go home and go to bed!

#24-Go back to the beach again in the morning. Help your Mommy "Pat" the sand to make a big sandcastle! I like to pat the way I like to do everything else...very enthusiastically and with my whole body.

#25-Help your daddy carry buckets of water for the moat.

#26-After nap time, dress your little brother up like a tourist a have playtime at a local park.

#27-Check for trolls under the park bridge. (There weren't any trolls but there were ants. They bit my little toe)! "Why would they do that Mommy? That wasn't nice! We don't bite! They bit this toe, but not this one, this one, this one, or this one. Just the pinky one!"

#28-Hang Around some more on the playground.

#29-Take pictures with Mommy's camera!
(I did a good job with the camera. I wish they would let me use it more).

#30-When you get back to the beach house, have a balloon fight.
We were having a hard time filling up the balloons on the outdoor hose. I had an idea.
Me: "Hey, I have an idea. Maybe, we could use my P*NIS! That might work to fill the balloons! Is that a good idea?"
(They used the sink instead).

#31-That night Mommy and Nana went to see the One at the Alabama Theater. They had a great time. Daddy and Papa went to go see the Hulk. Ryan and I went to bed!

#32-Wake up and go out to breakfast for Rachel's birthday.

#33-Spend the morning at the beach alone with your mommy while your daddy and papa go on a dolphin tour on jet skis! (Daddy says it was a blast, but I think we had more fun on our mommy/son date).

#34-Aunt Rachel loves dolphins. This was part of her Happy Birthday. Emily went, too!
(Emily and Rachel also went on a wildlife preserve tour. They got to play with baby tigers, apes, and elephants. Boy, Ryan would have loved that. But you had to be 6).

#35-Go to an all you can eat Seafood and Mongolian Grill Buffet!
(My brother tried to eat all of the fruit on the buffet by himself).

#36-Attend Dinner Theater Starring: Daddy

(Most of the grown-ups went to a Murder Mystery Dinner theater one night together. I stayed home and went to the beach with my mommy and brother. They only let kids 14 and older and grown-ups who don't get spooked by CSI episodes go to the House of Blues Show ).

#37-Watch your daddy go up to a reluctant stranger and receive instructions on how to eat his first crawdad.

#38-Find a minigolf that has a train you can ride. Convince the train driver to let you ride again when you are all done playing.

#39-Learn how to do a victory jump from Papa.

#40-Make par by yourself for the very first time!
(The same hole took Mommy 6 shots. I made it in two).

This part was not fun for me! I couldn't get the ball to listen to me! It would not go in the hole. I was really frustrated and cried. I wanted my mommy!

#41-You can't stay sad forever. Next you must recover from your heartache and try again.

#42-Try and keep up with (or runaway from) your family.

#43-Watch your little brother look for the ball at the 18th hole.

#44-Make S'mores. If it is raining outside, just use the lighter to toast the marshmallows.

#45-Make sure they are nice and gooey.

#46-Smear it all over your lips. Then you can give Mommy....

#47-a big chocolaty marshmallow kiss (if she will let you).

#48-Load up the wagon with towels, sand toys, water toys, and snacks until there is no room left for you or your brother. Walk to the beach with no shoes on.

#49-Dig a big hole and take a nap buried in sand.

#50-Help Papa and Nana build a castle.

#51-Stand in the middle of the castle.

#52-DEMOLISH the castle!

#53-Don't let a severe thunderstorm dampen your last night at the beach! Find some indoor fun! Hang upside down on the velcro wall at Leaps and Bounce.

#54-It is a great place to be silly with your mommy and daddy, and to make fun of your brother's hair.
(enlarge for the best view)

#55-Eat Lasagna with your family and clean up and get ready to go home in the morning.

This is a video of me on the way home. Leaving the beach is NOT a way to have fun! I wish I could drive! I would make the car turn back around and we would go back to stay forever!


Katie said...

Thanks for the advice Andrew! I'll have to check out some of your suggestions next time we go to the beach. I'm glad you had a good trip!

Wendy said...

Looks like a great great time! and very well documented. What fun!!

Gina said...

Oh, how fun! I loved it!

Janel said...

sounds like a fun time

Mary said...

How about doing it again next year Andrew?

Hindmarsh Family said...

I'm with Andrew... I think you should cry when you are forced to leave. see, the problem is that the beach was way too much fun! Who wants to go back home to naps anyway?? That was an amazing picture show of your vacation... thanks for sharing!

Rebekah said...

Just so you know, I have officially lived vicariously through you. I miss the beach!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all the great photos!

Cortney said...

Wow!! I'm sooo excited for our trip at the end of July!

P.S. I'm glad I made it to the bottom. Andrew's suggestion of filling water balloons almost made me pee in my pants.

Kim said...

My kids and I are still laughing at Andrew's "crying" session on the way home from the beach. I'm so jealous of all the fun that your family had. It looked like great fun!