Saturday, June 28, 2008

Andrew's Talent

Today was the primary talent show. Andrew practiced all week long. He planned on singing a song and playing his drum. He had a hard time narrowing down which song we wanted to sing. He couldn't decide between "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Little Einsteins," "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission," or "Do as I'm Doing." He had gotten really good at keeping the beat with each of those songs. I was trying to sway the vote to the first song, but he really wanted to do the last song. That is until we arrived. Then he informed me he was singing "Little Red Caboose." I wasn't worried. He knows that song really well, and he had even worn his engineer hat that Grandpa Bud gave him. "That will be adorable," I thought to myself.

Andrew sat nicely and listened to the first two performers. He noticed they were using a microphone. He became very excited. He ran on stage when it was his turn. He took off his hat. The following is his entry in the talent show. You will see, it was a COMMAND performance.

The last thing he says that is a little hard to hear is "They aren't listening to me." He was referring to the grown-ups who were sitting on chairs. They would not stand on top of the chairs like he had directed them to do.

I am not sure if his talent was being a leader or being a comedian. Perhaps it was a little of both. I was rather surprised that all of the children did exactly what he asked them to do. I love my little Andrew, even if he marches to the beat of his own drummer. Actually, I love him even more because he marches to the beat of his own drummer. (Or in this case stands on top of the drum and refuses to be the drummer). He is so unlike me. He is so willing to do his own thing. I hope I never squelch this part of his personality. I truly want him to develop his God-given talents and not be a cookie cutter kid. He is exactly who I needed to help me learn how to be a Mommy. I am so glad he is my first child. I love you my little non-drumming boy.

*Disclaimer: I know my face looks like I am upset with Andrew, but actually I was just in a lot of physical pain. I didn't take the pain killers this morning so I could drive to the talent show.


Gina said...

So great! I love it!

Funny first glance of seeing you and Andrew on the video, I would have sworn it was me on there. I guess you can tell we are related! :)

Anonymous said...

He was GREAT! He is so funny, and such a great leader. We are so glad that he's Esther's best friend & baseball bat. ;)

haylee said...

That was so cute!

Jamison said...

We love Andrew! His performance was fabulous...and he is SUCH the stand up out world!

Robert & Christy said...

Love the show! Sorry I didn't get to see you when you came down. I really wanted to, but I was so busy I could hardly breathe. Rob's on a trip & we are leaving for Cali the morning after he comes back. Crazy! Hopefully we can get together when we get back. :)