Sunday, June 8, 2008


Chad had to take a business trip to Charlotte this week, so the boys and I decided to join him. His cousin lives there with her hubbie and three kids. Chad's best man from our wedding and his wife and three kids live there as well. We had a blast with the 8 kids playing together. The daddies worked all day long and the mommies and kiddos who weren't in school played all day long. We went to the library, pool, Monkey Joe's, and Charlotte at Play Children's Museum. In the evening we went to either the Reshetars or the Joneses for dinner. They each fed us two nights. Thanks for the yummy food and putting up with us for a week! We know that both families put aside other commitments to make time for us, and we really appreciate the time you spent with us! We can't wait to go camping together this summer! ! ! (For more pictures of our fun check out the Jones blog. She actually took much better pics. I stole two off of her blog).

Ryan's new favorite game is "Duck, Duck Goose." He hits people on the head and says "Quack!"

Laurel and I at Monkey Joe's

Shirtless Spaghetti Supper

Playing at the Reshetars

Austin and Andrew

Ryan cooking over an open fire

One little monkey jumping on the hotel bed

Andrew walked into the children's museum, sat on Thomas, and stayed put for 38 minutes.

This picture was taken right before Ryan scooped some of that pink sand up
with that spoon and ate it!

This picture was taken right AFTER some little girl shut his fingers in the piano and he cried for the first and only time our whole trip. (He recovered quickly).

My little walker

Playing with Mason, Chris and Laurel's littlest

Mommy's newest love: The Uptown the Charlotte Children's Library

Andrew's newest love: Monkey Joe's!

Tea Party with Cousin Ethan

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