Sunday, June 8, 2008


Since Andrew and Ryan are only 3 and 1, we don't have any toy weapons at our home. They have never seen a tv show or movie with weapons. They have never played a video game with weapons. They have no clue what a gun is or what a sword does. We don't even have any water guns. This week we spent a lot of time at our friends' home. They have three boys, ages 9, 6, and 2. They have toy guns, as pretty much every American 9 year old boy does. Despite this exposure, Andrew still has no clue what guns do, but he was quite intrigued by these new toys. He was drawn to them. They were calling to him. It was like they were magnetic. Here are some pics of Andrew's gun play. We all thought they were pretty funny. I know all too soon he will discover the truth, but for now I will enjoy his innocent cluelessness.

"Look Mommy, I am going to sweep up these balls with the broom."

"I'm gonna fill up this ice cream truck with the gas thingy (dart gun). "

"I'm blow drying my hair. BZZZZZ"


Shelley said...

hahahahaha! andrew is so domestic. :) i love the alternate uses for dart guns.

Anonymous said...

I love that. The scriptures tell us to be like a little child. If only we could all be so innocent. ;)