Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

My portion

Everyone's Food

I love my fresh fruits and veggies. I usually buy whatever is in season and is also on special that week on at the store. Well, no more! I have joined a produce co-op with four friends. There is a local wholesale distributer that we are going through to buy our produce in bulk. Now I get to eat whatever is in season, whether or not it is on clearance that day. We pick up the list, look to see what is in season, and place our order. Each of us pay $40 every two weeks. The more people that are involved the more variety and less quantity of each item we are able to get.

Yesterday it was my turn to go and pick up the order. (We each take a turn every 10 weeks). I chose to go on a Saturday, so I wouldn't have to take the boys. They CLOSE at 7am on Saturday, so I had to go early. I got up at 4:45am and drove downtown. I placed my order and then stood around unsure of what to do while I waited. I wasn't about to go back outside in the dark and sit in my car in that area of town. The manager came up to me and asked if I would like to take a tour. I was more than excited to look around and see the ins and outs of the business. Partly because I was really interested, and partly because I needed to move to stay awake for the 30 minutes it took to get my food order together. So the manager asks this really nice worker who didn't speak much English to show me around. He led me through all the rooms, but didn't say anything other than, "Why you want to see?" and "What you name?" At one point and time we were alone in a back room freezer and I realized that I had watched a few too many Law and Order episodes and got a little nervous. I quickly sped up the pace of our tour and he was practically having to jog to keep up with me as I headed back to the front room. They had finally loaded up my van and I went in to pay, only to discover that they only take cash! I didn't happen to have $200 in cash on me in downtown Winston at 5am, (imagine that). The people were nice enough to trust me to leave with $200 worth of produce in my trunk without paying. I had to drive to an ATM at dawn in east Winston and pray the whole time that I wouldn't get robbed (again, I need to stop watching Law and Order. It freaks me out). After my trip to the ATM, I paid and drove home. It took about an hour to divide the food between the 5 of us. I pulled out my scale and weighed each item to make sure we all got equal amounts. I have real issues with equality and fairness. LOL Then I went to deliver the orders to all my produce friends. I was finished by 10am. Glad I only have to do it once every 10 weeks! :) But not as glad as Chad is. All 3 of my boys missed me!

So the big question everyone keeps asking me is, "Is it worth it?" Well yesterday I figured out our savings. Each person received 9 avocados, 5 pounds of bananas, 8 grapefruits, 5 pounds of grapes, 6 kiwis, 2 pounds of snow peas, 4 pounds of organic zucchini, 2 bags of mixed organic greens, and one mini seedless watermelon.

At Harris Teeter the same amount of food would have cost $78.55.
At Lowes it would have cost $90.83 yesterday.

At Vernons each co-op member paid $39.22.

Anyone interested in joining us? We have room for one or two more.


Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...

Sorry-i hit the wrong button and deleted my last post! Here's what I wrote...

I ssoo wish I lived closer! What a great idea and what a wonderful savings! Have fun with the group!!!

Gina said...

Man, I'd love to do that!

Janine said...

When we were kids, we had a mail scale in the kitchen to make sure we divided things up "exactly even" between the four of us. Silly to think back on! The co-op sounds great, I wish we were there to do it!

Cortney said...

Sound like fun!! (I'll call you later- I have a few questions for you.)

Wendy said...

Cool you're doing a produce co-op. We've been doing ours with friends in Newnan for about 5 or 6 years and it's so so worth it. We just pitch in $10 per person and have around 12 people--so smaller quantities, but still a good variety. We figured our produce would be $30-$40 full price at the grocery store.

Janel said...

very cool.