Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend at Nana's

The boys spent the weekend at Nana's, while Chad and I went away for a romantic anniversary trip. (We were gone 17 hours from the boys. That is the longest I have ever left Ryan, and the second longest I have ever been away from Andrew)! They went to Chic-fil-A, the pool, and to Dairy Queen to see Aunt Emily at work. When we got back we went the pool with them again and to Fazolis and Dairy Queen again. Thank you Rachel, Nana, and Emily!

"Um, how long can we stay under the umbrella. I don't want to get sprayed again, Nana."

"AAAA"-(Translated: I will do it myself, without any help, thank you very much!)

"I need chocolate in my cone."

"Help! I got ice cream up my nose. Get it out! Get it out!"

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