Sunday, June 8, 2008

Words I Thought I'd Never Hear

As part of an outing while we were in Charlotte, Andrew, Ryan, and I went on a train ride with Laurel and Mason Uptown. As anyone who knows my son might imagine, Andrew could hardly contain his excitement that we were riding on a real train. He didn't really care where we were headed, just that we were headed there on a train. He held on to his ticket and gave me a play by play the entire 30 minute trip of what he saw out the window. He talked non-stop.

On our return trip the train car we were riding in became very crowded. We were all pretty up close and personal with each other. The seats were all filled and the rows were crowded with standing passengers. Andrew was really quiet. I hadn't noticed that we were sitting next to the emergency call button. Without me noticing, Andrew reached up and pushed the button.

Train Driver: What's the emergency?
Me: Sorry, no emergency...just a three year old.
Train Driver: No problem, I have a four year old.

Me: Andrew, that button is not for us to push. It is for emergencies.
Andrew: I wanted to stop the train. I need to get off! (He has watched Polar Express too many times, so he knew that the button was there to stop the train).
Me:What do you mean you want to get off? You love trains! You get to ride it two times today!
Andrew: (puts his little hands on my cheeks) One time on the train is fun. Two times is too many!

It was then that I realized how serious Andrew's aversion to crowds has become. I knew it made him uncomfortable in primary and at play dates, but here we were on a TRAIN and he couldn't enjoy it because it was so crowded.

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