Sunday, July 13, 2008

Andrew Goes to Nana's

Alternatively Titled: Mommy has a Panic Attack.

Tonight, as we were eating my birthday dinner, Nana asked Andrew if he would like to go home with her. He excitedly replied, "Yes!" We explained it would be for a long time and that Mommy, and Daddy and Ryan would not be there. He didn't seem to mind. I told him he would be sleeping there. He was still excited.

So I packed him a clothes bag and he packed a bag full of trains and he was ready to go. He climbed right in the car seat, buckled himself up, and told Daddy to please shut the door because rain was getting on him.

Physically, this should be a big relief for me. It is 30 pounds less that I have to lift the next two days. Ryan takes two naps a day and so I will get more rest and maybe a few projects done. Andrew will have a really good time with his aunts and his Nana. All three of them love him and he adores them. He will get to go to the pool and to the park everyday. It is only until Wednesday morning. He is 3 1/2 and lots of kids his age spend time at their Nanas' homes.

Yes, I am trying to calm myself down. Why can't I let him go? Why am I sitting here blogging to pass the time until I get the call that they got there okay? Why do I have a terrible pain in the pit of my stomach and in my heart? Why is it he can happily wave good-bye, but my heart was breaking as he drove away? It is only 2 hours away. It isn't in another country or even another state for that matter. How did he know I was sad? I smiled and told him he'd have a good time. Any bets on how soon I drive to Ft. Bragg to get him? Will I last until Wednesday? Will I drive down tonight at 3am? Will I enjoy the time with one so much that he stays until Friday? (Okay, so we all know that won't happen)!


Jen said...

I know how you feel.

Rose said...

You will notice that he says he is going to Emmy and Rachel's.. they are who he really wants to spend time with.(I know bad grammer) He sang for over 2 hours on the way here. We says he will stay a long long time. We all know time is relative.