Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blueberry-ing With Boys

Andrew started off as a very helpful blueberry picker, then decided exploring the bushes was much more fun.

Ryan discovered that picking blueberries from a bucket is easier than...

picking them off of a bush with Daddy.

But it is the easiest of all when a friend feeds them to you!

"Wait a minute! That is my bucket!" -Ryan

Our family went blueberry picking Saturday morning. Rachel came with us, but Emily wasn't feeling well enough to join us. Even with three adults to the two boys, we only managed to bring home 2 gallons, but we had a great time. (We went to Recih's Blueberry Farm off of Ebert Street. They use organic farming methods and are working on certification. It was $6 a gallon). Andrew and Ryan enjoyed eating the blueberries. Ryan quickly discovered that it was much quicker to eat them from a bucket than to search for them from bushes. I am not sure how many he ate, but I do know that we will continue to enjoy the "end" result for days to come!


Share the Road said...

Wow...2 gallons! That's a lot!!

Kim said...

I went picking with my boys and Bek and we didn't even get a whole gallon in. Everyone wanted to go swimming instead. Even the thought of blueberry pie wasn't enough to keep them going.