Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Goofy Guy

Up to recently, Ryan has been a pretty low-key, mellow sort of fellow. Well that is changing! He is turning from our "go with the flow," "Thanks for noticing me" little guy to our goofy guy. He is hilarious. This week's newest game? Wearing his brother's underwear! Over his clothes. He did it first on Sunday.

Then when I was folding clothes on Tuesday, he picked up a pair of Andrew's underwear and brought them to me. "Thank you." I said and put them back on the couch where I was folding clothes. "A-A-A." (translated: "Hey, I wanted those!). He climbed up onto the couch and tried to put the underwear on his feet. So I helped him put them on. Next he brought me one of Andrew's pajama tops. I helped him put that on. Then he grabbed a pair of his jammie shorts. "Hat." he said. "No, pants." I replied. ""Hat, hat, hat, hat, hat!" he demanded in a very enthusiastic voice as he placed them on his head. So, what could I do but help him wear them as a hat. Ryan patted his head and laughed hysterically. "Hat, hat, hat," he giggled, beaming with pride. He is one silly kid. (I think he looks a little like a house elf from Harry Potter).


Kim said...

That was hilarious! My boys used to put the underwear on the heads (only clean ones). Just wait, I can totally see Ryan doing that too.

Janine said...

What a sense of style! I love the pictures and video. How fun to see his personality blooming. Looks like he will keep you laughing for many years to come!