Sunday, July 27, 2008

What did you do today?

When I was teaching kindergarten the kids defined their day by which special we had that day. When their parents asked them, "What did you do today?" the little darlings answered, "We had art" or "We had PE." Maybe even, "We played on the playground." But the stuff that I spent hours on preparing, the routine everyday procedures and lessons were never mentioned. It was always the "extraordinary" that was mentioned.

I feel like that is what we do (or at least I do on my blog). I blog about the out of the ordinary days like "blueberry picking" or "beach trips", without letting you my readers know what a normal day is like at our house. (If there is such a thing as normal with two little guys).

I try to spend a minimum of two or three days a week at home without running any errands or going on any playdates or outings. I feel like the boys really need the down time, and I really need time to take care of things at the house. So what do we do all day long when we don't have to do anything? I decided to take pictures of what life is like when it isn't a "special" day.

We eat breakfast, lunch and two snacks a day while Daddy is at work.

the boys play in the playroom while I straighten up the house

The boys help with chores (here is their favorite: laundry)

While Ryan takes his morning nap, Andrew and I do school. Here we have collected items from all over the house to represent each letter of the alphabet. He attached a clothespin with that letter written on it.

When Ryan wakes up, we go outside. We play in the sand box.

We play ball together.

Ryan likes to set the ball up for his big brother.

Andrew likes to throw bean bags at the fence.

Ryan likes to clean them up.

After story time, lunch, and naps, we watch a video. Then we do an art activity.

Ryan loves to paint.

The boys love to help me make dinner and get ready for Daddy to come home.


Rebekah said...

Sounds a lot like our house. We just started pre-school activities to get Seth ready for school. Being "normal" is always fun and so relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

Danny & Steph said...
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Katie said...

You are such a great mom! Thanks for sharing a "normal" day so that I have something to aspire to. :) We miss you guys! If you ever feel like have a less normal day and visiting Charlotte or meeting somewhere in between, let me know!

Share the Road said...

I love normal days! And I love trying to capture the normalness in our lives.

Cortney said...

Oooh! I love this idea! Sounds like a fun day at your house.