Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dinner With the Dastrups

Our good friends Danny and Stephanie(aka Snefatie) Dastrup are moving away. (For any of you LaFayette readers, Stephanie is from Chad's home ward). We went to dinner at Kimonos with them this week to say good-bye. Andrew loves them and thinks they are HIS friends and his friends only. He is quite possessive of them. He believes that they come to our house just to see him. (Maybe they do, I think they like him a lot too). Some Sundays the promise of seeing "his Stephanie" is all the bribery I need to get him to get ready for church quickly.

A few months ago when Andrew was learning his letter sounds, I said "D is for Daddy." "No it is not! D is for Danny." We appreciate the love they have shown for our little boys and will miss them a lot! Good luck at Law School Danny, and please, please, please consider moving back when it is finished!!!!


Danny & Steph said...

Your post made me cry!!! We LOVE you all so much!!!!!

CR said...

Esther said, "There is my best friend & the girl that I like from Primary" (meaning Stephanie). we will really miss those Dastrups.