Sunday, August 31, 2008

Emergency Preparedness Fair

A ward in our stake put on a fabulous community outreach emergency preparedness fair. Over 500 people attended and I counted over 20 different community resources present. Chad donated blood with the red cross. Andrew and Ryan played in several vehicles. See if you can guess which was Andrew's favorite.

Our first stop was the Ambulance.

"Excuse me soldier sir, my Papa is in Iraq."

Andrew shakes hands with Buckle Up Bear.

Ryan climbs into the fire truck by himself.

"Excuse me, mister. How do you close the door and turn on the siren in the fire truck?"

Here we are again in the ambulance. This time in a different seat.

Meet Sparky the dog. Ryan spotted Sparky across the parking lot. Ryan jumped out of my arms and ran as fast as I have ever seen him run across the parking lot towards the giant dog. The entire way he was signing and saying "Hi Dog." Then he got right in front if the dog, reached out to pet him and Sparky spoke. "Hi there." the dog said. Ryan jumped 2 feet in the air, scaled my body like a cat climbing a tree and burst into tears. His little body was just trembling. The fact that this huge dog could speak was just way too much for him. The rest of the day, anytime he spotted Sparky, Ryan yelled at him "NO NO NO NO NO!" until he was out of sight. Poor Ryan. Andrew, obviously had no issue with the talking dog.

Although frightened by Sparky, Ryan had no fear of the bounce house where 20 children all at least 8 years old were jumping with no regard to the littlest ones. He screamed at me when I "rescued" him after the third time he had literally been jumped on top of.

A trooper shows the kids what happens to a teddy bear who doesn't wear a seat belt when his car tips over.

And here we are back at the ambulance again. There are tons more pics of the ambulance, but I think these make their point. We spent 75% of our time in the two ambulances, despite the fact that there were fire trucks, a bounce house, police cars, puppet shows, and hot dogs. He was a boy who knew what he liked.

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