Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Super Star

Andrew gave his first talk in church today. This morning, this is the ensemble he had chosen.

We helped him into a shirt and tie and brought him to church. He had practiced all week long. He had his talk memorized and had done a beautiful job practicing. But after his performance at the talent show, we weren't quite sure what to expect. Well, Andrew surprised us all. He spoke clearly, looked at his primary friends and said the whole thing from start to finish with no help! We were so proud of our little Sunbeam. His betrothed best friend (and baseball bat) also gave a talk today. Her daddy joked that they should have had them start their talks with a little about how they met, etc. :)

Here is a video of him practicing at the church before Cub Scouts on Tuesday night. We thought the grandparents might like to see it. He did a good job at practice, but he did even better today after 5 more days of practice. He didn't look around the room or mumble any today. He also held up a picture of his story today. We didn't really think it would be appropriate to video the actual talk, but I wish we could have. He was too cute!


Jenny said...

He did a great job today. My class was amazed at his memorization skills! You could understand every word...not to mention he is pretty darn cute!

kruegfam said...

I wish I could of been there to see him! I loved it at our house when he raised his hand and showed how Jesus made the "snorm" stop and how he will do it someday.

Cortney said...

Great job Andrew!!