Sunday, August 31, 2008

Visiting Family

While Nana took Aunt Emily to BYU, we stayed the week with Aunt Rachel. While she was in school each day, we found lots of ways to have fun and had some fun adventures, even in the rain and tornado watches. Then when we returned home, we went to play with Alex and Evin one day, too! It was a fun week for family.

Our first adventure happened on our way to visit our Pinehurst cousins one morning.
On the way to Pinehurst there is nothing! Literally nothing for miles. When we began one of these stretches, Andrew announced he needed to go to the bathroom. This is the first place we came to. I tried to convince him to hold it, but he insisted that he could not. I ran into this "one stop for all your tanning, fishing, grocery, and gasoline needs" store and asked for a bathroom. The very intoxicated customer (it was 9am) who was purchasing a very large bottle of alcohol let me know there weren't no public bathrooms here. (Fishin' worms yes, but no restroom). The store manager saw Andrew's face and his tell-tell dance and led us through his private office to a private bathroom. I was so grateful that we bought two lollipops from him and were on our way.
But not until I had emptied the entire contents of our hand sanitizer on our three sets of hands.

We went to the park with our cousins. While at the park Andrew heard the railroad crossing bells across the street begin to ring. He climbed to the top of the jungle gym where he had the perfect view and waited. The arms came down to stop traffic, but alas no train! He sat up there for quite a while, even after the arms lifted. He was so disappointed. Luckily for Andrew, we saw a train two times on the way home! (Thank goodness)!

The rock wall is why....
this is Andrew's favorite park.

I needed someplace for the boys to get out some "injury" (energy) so we went to Toys R Us and rode bikes and scooters during the horrible thunderstorm we had one day. Ryan is yelling that he needs a HAT (helmet).

This pic is for Daddy.

Jumping in puddles after the storm.

Not sure that I could press my luck at the Toys R Us again, we headed to a children's museum the third day it rained. The boys had a blast!

Andrew loved the snake, Ryan just ran all over the place so I never got a shot of him at the parks or museum that is more than a blur. He is a boy on the move these days.

This is a picture of Ryan in Uncle Ben's HAT and trying to blow Alex's trumpet. We had a fun time with all the kids together.

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Mary said...

You must tell us where that "meets- all-needs" store is located. Full moon tans and fishing worms all in one stop. I think I would have told my son to pretend he was a dog and go in the grass at the side of the road. Too funny!