Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Week

This has been a very looooooooong week. I will share what little of our week I have pics of. Most of our week was not picture worthy. Sorry for such a boring post, but I knew if I didn't write, Papa and others who are faraway might be unnecessarily worried. Everything is fine. Morning sickness with baby Blueberry (Andrew's name for his baby sister that he is convinced is coming) has hit full force. It has been much worse than with Andrew and Ryan. It has been a week of doing only what I have to do.

So Monday was FHE and laundry...

Here is Ryan cooperating during FHE.

Here is a picture of the moment when Ryan decided he was done with FHE and that we needed to be done, too. He reminded us of Grandma and Grandpa's dog, Nick who needs to be in the middle of everything, too.

Tuesday was Preschool at our home and a hike with the Scouts,

Wednesday was a baby shower, and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was laying on the couch recuperating from three busy days and cleaning up after sweet Andrew who was sick with a stomach virus. (I will spare you pictures of that. Not that I have any). My sweet hubby has stepped up to the plate and makes dinner, cleans up, and takes care of me and the boys. He is awesome!

I have full confidence that this week will be better and that I will be 100% myself before our trip to Switzerland in two weeks. I don't like functioning at 50% capacity and feel very inadequate these days. I am not self-pitying, I am grateful to be pregnant, just guilty that I am not taking care of my family like I want to be able. I really appreciated the Woman's broadcast (that I watched from my couch) and Elder Uchtdorf's talk about Creating and Compassion. It reminded me that I am very blessed to be helping create this little body for our newest family member. I would take 7 more months of functioning at 50% capacity for this blessing if necessary. (Although I really hope it isn't necessary).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apple Festival

Our family had a great time at the Bethabara Apple Festival yesterday. It was the first time we have ever been able to attend. It is always the same weekend as Emily's birthday, but as we can't go to Utah to celebrate with her, we stayed home and went to the "Apple Festi-ball" as Andrew called it.

Here we are crawling around some of the ruins of the settlement. Andrew looks over the edge which is a good 15 foot drop and has a brilliant idea. "Hey Daddy, why don't we drop Ryan down there and see what he does?"

Lucky for Ryan wiser heads prevailed and we moved on to play some of the kids' activities. He enjoyed playing with the wheel and stick.

And throwing the boccee balls. He did not get a concussion, despite the very intense and angry period costumed lady's admonition to us, the horrible parents who were allowing him to play.

We went on a hay ride together.

Andrew loved the horse that was his favorite colors orange and brown.

Andrew learned to walk on stilts. He did a great job!
We ended the fun day by eating a yummy apple dumpling with ice cream.
We can't wait to come back next year!

Luau Leis

This is Ryan at the beginning of the Ward Luau enjoying his Fruit Loop Lei that the activities committee made for each of the children. Notice his calm, mellow demeanor.

This is Ryan when has finished eating the entire Lei. Notice the empty string in his hand.

And this is Ryan dancing along with the Island performers. Notice the sugar high? (You have to click to enlarge this picture to get the full effect. What a little goofball. So, maybe this third baby will be my calm, mellow kid?).

What A Boy Wants...

We went to the park with friends on Wednesday. Ryan happily played in the playground, jumping, climbing, diving down slides feet first. At the top of his perch he spied a FIRE TRUCK testing a nearby fire hydrant. Ryan ran down to the bottom of the playground equipment, ran out of the playground, and started off across the parking lot. By the time I caught up with him and he got close to the fire truck, it was driving away. Ryan pointed and wagged his finger as he scolded them and burst into tears.

The two friendly firemen saw Ryan, and turned their truck around! They drove right up to Ryan, hopped out and let him climb in.

Well, did this surprise my child. No, it is apparently just what he expected would happen. (Isn't that how the universe works? You ask for something and you get it? Big large fire trucks spin u-turns everyday at the wish of 17 month old babies). But this act of generosity wasn't enough for Ryan, no siree. Look at this face. Do you see any signs of gratitude? He fussed at them to close the "DOOR DOOR!" and to "Buck Buck" his seat belt.

They got a good laugh and were very sweet to allow all the children there a turn in the fire truck. Ryan actually did smile a lot and said "Tank you" several times and even gave the firemen high fives. (He wasn't a complete beast). I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers, and even more amazed at my previously mellow Ryan's strong will that has begun to show the past few months.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's the Deal With Spiderman?

Andrew has a friend who loves Spiderman. Andrew has never had the opportunity to see the show, but loves it when his friend sings the theme song. Andrew has "learned" the song from him. His friend sings the song correctly, but Andrew made up what he thought his friend said. He goes around the house singing this song most of the day, and then asks, "Mommy, what IS the deal with Spiderman? Who is he?"

"Spiderman, Spiderman, What's the deal with Spiderman?
Spins a web any size, what's the deal with spiderman?
Watch out! Here comes spiderman!"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Signing Time

As most of you know, I sign with my boys. We have learned so much together from the Signing Time Series DVDS. It is a huge blessing in our lives, especially with Ryan recently.

I am excited because they are releasing two new Baby Signing Time DVDs in October. They are having a contest to give away copies, and I thought I would pass along the info. You can sneak a peak at the Baby Signing Time previews online at Also, take a look at the Baby Signing Time blog contest at: It would be fun to win them!

They also just redesigned their website and are holding a scavenger hunt with a $1000 prize, so make sure you check that out while you are previewing the new videos. I hope someone I know wins one!

Monday, September 8, 2008

And Baby makes 5...

We are officially announcing that we are expecting the newest Scribner baby to arrive in late April. The last two times we were expecting, our attempts at clever announcements caused more confusion than excitement. So this time we decided to be blunt and straight to the point.

We are very excited. We told the boys tonight in a special FHE. (I'll post about that on our fhe site later). Here are the first words out of Andrew's mouth.

Andrew-What's it going to be?
Daddy-We don't know yet.
Andrew-How about we have a girl this time. We don't have a baby girl yet.

I think his Nana has been talking to him.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Concert

We went to the annual Labor Day outdoor concert on Monday night as our FHE activity. The boys had a blast dancing to the Disney tunes. (Side note: Chick-fil-A was giving away free chicken strips to anyone who showed up wearing a football team logo. Since we aren't actual sports fans, Chad printed off these logos from the computer and taped them on our shirts so we could get free chicken. Yes, I know we are pitiful. No BYU clothing or WFU clothing in our closets. Pathetic, but true. And even more pathetic than that? We were low on color ink and so our blue and gold turned purplish and we actually wore the faded purple BYU logos in public).

15 Years Ago

15 Years ago I was a college freshman. I lucked out and had a great roommate that year (and every year after that too). We had a fun time together that year and still keep in touch. Kim came to visit on Friday. We had a fun day reminiscing while our boys played together. This is her cute little guy, Alex. Andrew had a lot of fun with him. He keeps saying, "Mommy I want my cousin Alex and the Alex that is not my cousin to come and play, please."

M&M Preschool

Andrew started a two day a week Preschool Co-op this week with some of his friends from Mommy and Me. It should be a fun adventure for us both. I teach with another mom one day a week and on the other day I drop him off and spend the morning alone with my little Ry-Guy!

We are starting a new blog to share our fun with anyone who is interested. It is in its very beginning stages, no pretty backdrop, etc.. Check back next week for a more polished look.