Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Signing Time

As most of you know, I sign with my boys. We have learned so much together from the Signing Time Series DVDS. It is a huge blessing in our lives, especially with Ryan recently.

I am excited because they are releasing two new Baby Signing Time DVDs in October. They are having a contest to give away copies, and I thought I would pass along the info. You can sneak a peak at the Baby Signing Time previews online at Also, take a look at the Baby Signing Time blog contest at: It would be fun to win them!

They also just redesigned their website and are holding a scavenger hunt with a $1000 prize, so make sure you check that out while you are previewing the new videos. I hope someone I know wins one!


Cortney said...

You got me hooked on these!! Thanks to you we were able to effectively communicate with the J-man for months before he talked.

I'm excited for the new DVDs!

kruegfam said...

Can't imagine who you hope wins! I know who I am rootin' for.

Jenny said...

I am very interested in these. Stan and I are thinking they would be a good investment. Brin does simple signs like more, thank you (which in the last couple days is followed sometimes by her blowing lots of kisses), and dog - this is where my signing repertoire ended. I am just wondering where to start and what would be the best choice for the $$$. Maybe give me an email and let me know - also some things that you have found helpful in teaching your boys. If Cortney gets a hold of this she could chime in too!
Thanks a bunch.