Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Concert

We went to the annual Labor Day outdoor concert on Monday night as our FHE activity. The boys had a blast dancing to the Disney tunes. (Side note: Chick-fil-A was giving away free chicken strips to anyone who showed up wearing a football team logo. Since we aren't actual sports fans, Chad printed off these logos from the computer and taped them on our shirts so we could get free chicken. Yes, I know we are pitiful. No BYU clothing or WFU clothing in our closets. Pathetic, but true. And even more pathetic than that? We were low on color ink and so our blue and gold turned purplish and we actually wore the faded purple BYU logos in public).


Wendy said...

That's so awesome to print the logos for free chicken. You know Justin and I would have done that in a heartbeat too!

CR said...

Esther says, "I love Andrew and his dance!" Way to go on free chicken!