Sunday, September 21, 2008

What A Boy Wants...

We went to the park with friends on Wednesday. Ryan happily played in the playground, jumping, climbing, diving down slides feet first. At the top of his perch he spied a FIRE TRUCK testing a nearby fire hydrant. Ryan ran down to the bottom of the playground equipment, ran out of the playground, and started off across the parking lot. By the time I caught up with him and he got close to the fire truck, it was driving away. Ryan pointed and wagged his finger as he scolded them and burst into tears.

The two friendly firemen saw Ryan, and turned their truck around! They drove right up to Ryan, hopped out and let him climb in.

Well, did this surprise my child. No, it is apparently just what he expected would happen. (Isn't that how the universe works? You ask for something and you get it? Big large fire trucks spin u-turns everyday at the wish of 17 month old babies). But this act of generosity wasn't enough for Ryan, no siree. Look at this face. Do you see any signs of gratitude? He fussed at them to close the "DOOR DOOR!" and to "Buck Buck" his seat belt.

They got a good laugh and were very sweet to allow all the children there a turn in the fire truck. Ryan actually did smile a lot and said "Tank you" several times and even gave the firemen high fives. (He wasn't a complete beast). I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers, and even more amazed at my previously mellow Ryan's strong will that has begun to show the past few months.

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CR said...

Those were great firemen and your boys are always so polite!